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5 Reasons Why You Need Remote Monitoring for Ecommerce

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Remote monitoring is all about outsourcing IT requirements. The goal to make sure your website is working properly while keeping your own hands free to focus on your business’ day to day activities.

The outcomes of using these services are better efficiency, more revenue, and fewer overheads to worry about. Here are 5 reasons why you need to secure remote monitoring services for your business.

1. Downtime Equals Lost Revenue

IT downtime costs $700 billion in lost revenue each year. Let that figure sink in.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling – post workout supplements or light aircraft. If your site is down, people can’t use it, and they can’t make purchases. You’ve lost revenue – end of story.

Remote monitoring operates 24/7 to protect you against such losses, by preventing downtime before it happens.

2. Remote Monitoring Reduces IT Costs

Outsourcing hardware and staff to an efficient, dedicated operation means that your IT team is free to pursue other goals.

It also enables them to work off-site when necessary, as they will still have access to the network on the go. They will also be alerted if there are issues which need their immediate physical attention on-site.

Maintenance costs will reduce too, and you won’t have to run these monitoring systems in-house. Security and system health will be taken into account as part of the process, and any issues will be reported upon.

With the average IT task per employee costing up to thousands of dollars, you could save a significant amount on your budget by moving monitoring systems to a third party provider.

3. Monitoring Systems Keep Productivity High

If your systems are down, your employees can’t do their work. If they can’t do their work, you’re paying them to do nothing until things are back up and running.

This is frustrating for them and can be very costly for you. Having a proactive system in place to prevent downtime solves both of these potential issues before they occur.

4. Know About Problems Before Your Customers

These systems can help you know about issues before your customers – no matter where they are in the world.

2 minute monitoring intervals can provide 30 reports an hour across multiple geographic locations and flag any problems to you immediately – so they can be fixed before they cause damage to your revenue or online reputation.

On a similar note, you can also know what’s going on with your network at a different regional office at any time.

5. Build a Better Knowledge of Your Network

Monitoring services can provide vital insight into the health and operational efficiency of your network.

By identifying areas which could perform better and weaknesses holding your systems back, they flow into a feedback loop of monitoring, analyzing and improving.

How Can I Get Remote Monitoring?

SiteUptime can help you to eliminate your downtime.

Our Multi-Check technology monitors your website from multiple regions. We make sure it is accessible for everybody and verifies errors before sending notifications – so as not to concern you with isolated Internet outages.

Keep your online presence up to speed with SiteUptime – call us today to ask any questions, or to make a purchase.