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Why Law Firm Websites Need More Speed

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It’s harsh, but it’s true: it doesn’t matter how great your website is if it’s slow to load.

You may have spent all of the time and money in the world of perfecting your website. But if your site isn’t fast, it isn’t going to matter — and your time and money have gone to waste.

Your customers will demand near-immediate access to your website, or else they’ll turn to your competition.

Read on to learn more about why law firm websites need to be fast in order to survive today’s competitive market.

Why Law Firm Websites Needs to be Fast

You Only Have a Matter of Seconds to Impress Your Audience

We mentioned earlier that you have a pretty short window of time to impress your audience. Just how short is that window?

While the exact number is still up for debate, the average customer will only spend 5-10 seconds waiting for a site to load. After that, you’re going to notice a massive drop-off in traffic.

Think about your own web browsing habits, for example. Chances are that as soon as a website refuses to load, you’re off to the next one.

Your audience is going to approach law firm websites in the same way. They’re in a hurry! If they can’t get access to your site, it’s going to be your loss.

Make sure that your site loads quickly or risk losing out on thousands of dollars a year. Do your research and see how fast your website loads. If it takes more than 3-5 seconds, it’s time to make some changes.

Take a look at DeSalvo Law, for instance. The site loads up almost instantly. Your landing page must be as fast as the competition’s. To know your current speed, run a speed check.

Speed Affects Your SEO Ranking

It’s common knowledge that law firm websites need to practice quality SEO tactics. However, one of the biggest tactics that falls by the wayside is speed. As it turns out, there’s a pretty big connection between speed and SEO ranking.

Ignoring speed is a huge mistake. It’s such a problem, in fact, that Google will penalize your website and lower your SERP if your site is deemed too slow.

So even if you’ve spent thousands on that SEO campaign, slow law firm sites will negate it.

You Can Retool Your Site Easily

Now for a bit of good news. If your site is slow, you don’t have to completely start from square one.

There are a few easy ways that you can increase your loading speed with a few mouse clicks and some patience.

  • Optimize images and compress them if necessary
  • Focus more on text than imagery
  • Change your web host
  • Invest in a better server

Keep Your Site Up and Running

Now that you’ve got a fast site, make sure that it stays that way by using one of our helpful plans. Whether your firm employs 1 or 100 people, we have a strategy that fits your budget.

Contact us today and keep your speedy site running.