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This is Why Off Page SEO Matters

Website Tips and Tricks

Search engine optimization (SEO) doesn’t just include your website.

What happens off of your website is just as crucial at what happens on it. Off page SEO includes all of the activities that take place outside of your personal domain.

In this post, we’ll tell you more about why it matters.

The Basics Of Off Site SEO

First, let’s take a quick look at some of the biggest things you need to work on when building your off site SEO.

Common off page techniques include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Social bookmarking
  • Link building

This type of SEO is all about optimizing your brand through links, content, and networking. When done properly, you’ll be able to create the ideal environment to move your website up in the rankings.

Looking to boost your website’s visibility? Want to appear higher in search engine result pages? If so, consider incorporating off page techniques into your marketing plan.

Keep reading to learn about off page SEO and how it can benefit you!

The importance of off page SEO

Off page techniques are crucial for building your brand’s reputation.

Imagine having a quality product — but no one wants to buy it. Why? Because your company’s reputation isn’t as great as it should be.

The purpose of off site SEO is to continue to enhance your brand and reputation. By doing so, you keep potential customers interested in what you have to offer.

On site and off site SEO techniques go hand in hand. When done right, you can create an epic online presence.

Reputation matters

Imagine you’re a potential customer of the site Before you make your final choice about buying their products/services, you’ll conduct serious research about the brand. You’ll read reviews and testimonials.

People will do the same for your website.

Potential customers have already formed an opinion of your brand. Comments and reviews from online and in-person sources matter. More often than not, clients build an idea of your company without ever visiting your website.

The goal is to get as much positivity surrounding your company as possible. The more positive interactions, the higher your reputation is.

So how can you use off page strategies to build your company’s reputation? Read on to learn proven techniques!

Proven off page techniques to build your brand

Understanding the importance of off page search engine optimization is one thing. Knowing which strategies to use is even more vital. Here are 3 must use strategies.

1. Be responsive and available

Customer service matters.

Poor customer service can destroy a brand’s reputation. Online and offline contact with your company must always be a positive experience.

Another must do is to always be responsive on social media. Social media is the way of the world today. From networking to communicating to marketing, social media holds the key to success.

Social media is an invaluable piece of off page search engine optimization.

2. Network and build quality connections

Social media makes networking and connection building easy. Find ways to create and build lasting relationships with influencers.

So who should you connect with? Focus on networking with:

  • High traffic and high-ranking website owners
  • Niche website owners that relate to your product/service
  • Followers and fans

3. Quality link building

Link building is all about building external links back to your website. If someone references your website’s link, search engines give your website a thumbs up.

But, link building is more about quality and less about quantity. Having dozens of back links on low quality websites won’t help your ranking.

The key is to have back links on high quality websites. The best way to be successful in link building is to network!

Use social media. Build relationships with quality web site owners.

Don’t forget about off site strategies

A holistic view of SEO will prove to be the most beneficial for your company. On site SEO matters, but without off page SEO strategies, your reputation may fade.

A brand that works to build it’s reputation and brand will be successful. Don’t fall behind.