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4 Email Lead Generation Process Mistakes You May Be Making

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Anyone who works with a lead generation process knows how hard it is to get quality leads. The last thing you want to do is make it harder. Read on below to make sure you aren’t making these four fatal mistakes.

Mistake #1 Lackluster Emails

Your cold lead emails aren’t interesting enough. Consumers receive tons of emails a day but open very few. Most likely your cold reach email is getting deleted, along with useless coupons.

So how do you get into the small, coveted list of emails that get opened? Stop thinking of your lead generation process as sales pitch. The new trend in marketing is making consumers want to engage with you, not begging them to.

You’ll be more successful in your campaigns if you aim to start a conversation with each email. Instead of telling them everything they need to know off the bat, keep it short and engaging.

If you send a four paragraph email, they’re going to get bored. Instead, try to keep your emails around 4-6 sentences total. Introduce yourself, tell them why they need your service, and create an easy call to action.

The consumer will appreciate you respecting their busy schedule. If the lead is hot, they will respond to your email and then you can start your sales pitch.

If you need help with cold calls or emails, you can learn more here.

Mistake #2 Website Issues

Your website is lacking. When searching for something new, 78% of consumers will look online. One of the things they look for is a professionally designed website.

To see if your website design is falling behind, take a look at the sites of your competition. Peruse their navigation system. Is it easy to follow? Look for their clear call to action buttons.

If the differences between the sites are obvious, it’s time for a website revamp. When you’re designing your new and improved page, keep these three things in mind.

Do some research into what colors consumers like best, if you want to go the extra mile. If a customer has no loyalty in your niche or sector, your company will get judged on its web presence alone.

Mistake #3 You aren’t Giving to Get

You’re not providing enough incentive. When you reach out to a customer, you need to communicate what you can add to their lives, specifically. You want to give them a taste of your services.

On your first email, attach something like a free e-book or a list of tips for new homeowners. Clients will be much more likely to give you their business when they see you’re willing to give first.

Mistake #4 Cheesy Lead Generation Process

You’re using cheesy marketing tactics. Thanks to the internet, everyone knows the basics of sale psychology. If you’re still using the “use their name often” technique, customers can see right through it.

The new marketing tactics are about engagement. Spend time establishing a relationship with your customer first. If you show them that you’re a person first and a salesperson second, they’ll be more willing to hear you out.

Now that you know where your lead funnel is going south, you can approach the problem head on. Good luck and get to work!