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Pest Control Marketing: SEO Tips to Squash Competitors

Website Tips and Tricks

When it comes to pest control marketing, it can be hard to find new customers. Most research is done online so how can you be found?

By having a great online presence, of course. 82% of customers conduct research online.

Quite a large percentage, right? Here are a few ways to up your SEO game.


Keywords are important for getting found through Google or another search engine. When people search for a company using a specific keyword, all pages that include it will show up.

When keywords are optimized, there’s a better chance of ranking higher on SERPs, which leads on to the next topic.

Optimized Keywords

Also known as keyword research, it’s the process of conducting research and selecting the most relevant keywords to get traffic from search engines. Utilizing this, there’s a greater chance of one clicking your website as it relates to their search inquiry.

Getting Found

How can a website be found when there are hundreds of thousands already on Google? Let’s take a look at certain ways to get more traffic.

Google My Business

This is a great way of getting seen by those in a specific area. When people Google, “best termite companies“, a list shows up with a map above giving the locations of termite companies near them.

This increases online presence as your company will automatically be on the first page. Sometimes it’s better to rank higher with a Google My Business page other than a website. Here are great ways to ensure your Google My Business page is effective.

Use Local Keywords For Pest Control Marketing

Just like with Google My Business, using keywords specific to your area gains more traffic. Stay within your general vicinity rather than trying to target people in the whole state.

Optimized Website

A website doesn’t have to have an overly complicated design to be good. A simple one-page website can do the trick as long as everything is filled out with the right information.

Here are categories for a fully functional website.


This is the customer’s first impression. If a homepage contains no links or information, it’s not very effective.

One thing a homepage should always include is a call to action. Simply putting “contact us today!” is a great way for customers to get in touch.

For great pest control marketing, adding a brief description helps the customers understand what you’re all about.


This is the chance to really go in-depth about company values, insights into what a work day looks like to you and why you’re different from the rest.


List all the things your company provides. This can be added as a separate page or included on the homepage.

Wrapping Up

For effective pest control marketing, having strong SEO capabilities are beneficial in the long run as it can drive a lot of traffic. Without it, you won’t rank high on search engines. Higher rank means more traffic which means more cash flow.

If your website is down, you’re losing money. To make sure it’s functioning at its best, trust the experts at SiteUptime. Not only will we monitor your site but we’ll give you detailed statistics. Contact us today!