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The SEO Strategies Your Cleaning Company Website Needs

Website Tips and Tricks

In today’s market, it’s not enough to offer stellar services at the best prices. People expect to be able to find reviews, service listings, pricing, and much more when they look at a company’s website.

Successful businesses these days have successful websites. Even businesses that you might not expect to have a site, such as cleaning companies, need to have an online presence.

An optimized website is crucial for a profitable business.

Here are some SEO strategies to help optimize a cleaning company website.

SEO Strategies for Your Cleaning Company Website

It’s not enough to just have a products pages with a list of services and a number to reach the business.

People search for a cleaning business in local areas. They usually click on the websites that pop up first in search engine results. Cleaning businesses are mostly localized, so it’s important to optimize content for the intended audience.

All of this might sound like a bunch of daunting technical language. However, once the basics are covered, it isn’t too difficult.

Think About Keywords

One of the best ways to increase your ranking on search engines is to think about the keywords that people in your area are typing in when they search for a cleaning service. Include the address of the business on the cleaning service website.

People are most likely typing things like “cleaning service in Columbus Ohio” or “most affordable office cleaning in Columbus Ohio.”

Think about all of these options and include these key phrases in the content of your website.

Everyday digital “spiders” will crawl the website and “read” the text, looking for these kinds of phrases. The more useful the keywords and the more natural their placement, the better. This will help your website rank higher on search engines.

Create an Optimized Content Hub

A content hub is a place on the cleaning company website that centralizes content for the visitor.

The cleaning company website should have a blog that provides useful and valuable information to visitors. The blog can include articles about anything from cleaning products to tips on how to maintain your home or office.

Having a consistent stream of blogs, videos, articles that visitors find valuable will earn their trust. When a customer trusts a business, they will use its services.

A content hub will help visitors navigate the cleaning company website. It will do this in a simple and stress-free way that encourages them to click-through, instead of leaving the site.

Engage in Social Media

Engaging in social media will increase the visibility of a cleaning company. It will also make further strides in earning the trust of potential clients.

A business can engage with reviews, questions, and comments through social media accounts. Customers will be more likely to rehire a company or recommend them to friends and family if a company has an active social media presence.

It might seem silly to focus so much effort on the online presence of a cleaning company, but it really is important. Utilizing the basically free resource of the online space will help grow a cleaning business faster than ever.