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How a Faster Website Benefits Digital Marketing

Website Tips and Tricks

There’s nothing more frustrating in the modern age than a slow loading website.

If you’re a website operator hoping to attract people to your site, the last thing you want to do is remind them of their dial-up days.

When we want information, and we want it now. Studies have proven that people will spend less time on a slow website, and Google has stated that website speed affects where sites land in their search results.

Running a slow website can kill your chances of being seen by a wide audience.

If you’re a digital marketer, it is imperative that you ensure your website is up to speed. Literally.

If you’re running behind, don’t worry. We’ll break down a few essential tips to increase website speed below.

Checking Your Speed

Maybe you’re not sure exactly what speed your website is running at. PageSpeed Insights is the easiest and quickest way to find out.

Not only will it give you exact stats on both your website and mobile speeds, it will also give you personalized recommendations on how to increase website speed.

It’s a great one-stop resource.

Compressing Images

One of the major factors of a slow website can be loading images.

Having a large amount of high quality images can put a great deal of weight on a website. Lossless image compression is a process that can decrease image size without reducing quality.

If your website is slow attempting to load big pictures, try compressing them using tools such as Image Optim or Tiny JPG.

Minify Your HTML Codes

Poorly coded HTML (or Java, CSS, etc.) can seriously slow your site’s performance.

The process of minification removes unnecessary or redundant data from your website’s code.

If you’re not tech-savvy enough to dig into code yourself, Google provides a number of minification resources that cover many different kinds of code.

These tools should help get your site sped up in no time.

Redirects and Broken Links

You should always be checking your site for potential optimizations. In this process, you may find aspects of your site that are no longer functioning properly.

In restructuring your site, you may have created too many redirects, or maybe accidentally broken links. These can cause poor performance and drastically hurt your SEO.

Outsource Your Optimization

Keeping your website at its full potential can be a full-time job.

There are plenty of organizations online that can help to keep your site on its toes so you can get your rest.

Whether a digital marketing agency or a tech support service, there are plenty of resources to turn to if your website is running slow.

Succeed & Increase Website Speed

Keeping your website speed can make all the difference in keeping your potential audience engaged.

You can utilize the above tips and get your website back on the track to success.

If you need assistance in monitoring your website, Siteuptime is happy to provide the peace of mind of a functioning and healthy site.

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