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5 Cyber Security Threats Facing Pharmacy Websites

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In 2017 and beyond, cyber security has become a top priority for corporations across the globe.

Just this May, one of the largest cybersecurity attacks in history wreaked havoc across 150 countries. The attack’s reach was unprecedented, harming over 200,000 people across the globe.

No company or organization is entirely safe, as even the United States government, the Democratic Party, and Yahoo were hacked in 2016.

One sector that must be particularly mindful of security threats are online pharmacies. Read on to learn about the 5 biggest cyber security threats facing pharmacy websites.

1) Cyber Security Threats: Phishing

In addition to the payment methods used, pharmacies collect a great deal of personal information. This data is extremely valuable on the black market, making it a prime target for hackers.

Hackers will attempt to access this data by deploying spear phishing attacks. Phishing is a tactic that utilizes email to lure unsuspecting recipients to click on a compromised link.

For example, a hacker may embed malicious software in a link for a symbicort coupon. Once the link is clicked on, it is open season for the hackers.

2) Spear Phishing Paves the Way for Ransomware

Ransomware blocks access to key computer systems by employing malicious code.

The hackers essentially hold the systems and critical data hostage until a ransom is paid. In many cases, the stolen data is necessary for business operations and holds considerable leverage.

Obviously, this poses a significant risk to pharmacy websites that cannot possibly sustain losing the trust of its clientele.

3) Pharmacies can be Held Liable for Data Breaches

When a company collects personal data, they are legally responsible for safeguarding it. If a court rules that the pharmacy website was negligent in protecting that data, they could face substantial civil penalties.

Unfortunately, traditional business insurance does not typically cover electronic data breaches.

As a result, a pharmacy website will need to obtain cyber liability insurance to protect its financial interests in the event of a cyber-attack.

4) Convenience Leaves Companies Vulnerable

The popularity of online shopping and the constant effort to make it more convenient is not necessarily good for cyber security.

Things like one-click shopping sound great on the surface. However, additional layers of security will help safeguard client data.

This all ties back to the threat of being held liable for cyber vulnerabilities. If a pharmacy website does not take the necessary precautions to safeguard data, it may pay the price in court.

5) A Reactionary Approach Could be Costly

Many companies do not take the threat of cyber security seriously — until there is a data breach.

Employees must recognize the severity that cyber-attacks pose and be trained to identify incoming threats.

The harsh reality is that most data breaches could have been avoided.

Wrapping Up

Cyber security poses a serious risk to all businesses, and especially pharmacy websites. The amount of data that pharmacies collect makes them obvious targets to hackers.

Understanding cyber security threats and remaining vigilant is the best strategy for combating this risk. If there are any questions about cyber security threats, please do not hesitate to contact us for additional assistance.