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How to Ensure Your Fitness WordPress Website is Responsive

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As a fitness company, your website is important to the success of your company. But your website won’t perform well unless it’s responsive.

A responsive website is a website that renders well on a variety of devices.

These days, web users are accessing websites with more than just their desktop. They use their phones and tablets to gain fitness information, and some use their phones more than their desktop.

But there’s good news if you have a WordPress website. Various WordPress themes and plugins ensure your fitness website is responsive and looks amazing on all devices.

If you need a fitness technology WordPress site that works as well as your gadgets, read on to learn what you can do.

Choose a Responsive WordPress Theme

Fortunately, most WordPress themes are optimized for responsive design. When you select your theme, you have the option of viewing the theme in three main variations: desktop view, mobile view, and tablet view.

Some themes may even have multiple layout options. You can choose the one you like and looks best on multiple devices.

Design features are also key when choosing a responsive theme. Where do images and text go? What color options do you have? The design has more to do with practicality than aesthetics.

Find a fitness technology theme that optimizes a responsive design. Examples include high-res images and text that are suitable for all devices, without faltering website quality or color.

For this kind of themes, you always have the option of returning to the theme and changing your settings.

Choose Responsive Fitness Themes and Plugins

Say you’re searching for responsive WordPress themes, but the themes you find are better suited for a blog or for an eCommerce site in another industry. Fortunately, you can search themes based on your industry.

WordPress hosts many themes specifically for fitness websites.

These themes can have amazing images, slideshows, great use of text, and other features that make a website easily accessible. But these features also contribute to making a website responsive.

Since you host a fitness technology website, find a theme that offers a great eCommerce platform.

Look at the Garmin Bands website. All of the products are neatly organized and displayed well on all devices. But the color scheme and product placement are versatile enough to look great on all devices.

Choose the Right Plugins

Do you notice your theme still fails at responsive design? There’s no need to find a new theme. Instead, download a plugin. There are a variety of WordPress plugins that make your theme responsive and offer a variety of other benefits.

But how does a plugin make a website more responsive? Plugins change multiple features of your WordPress website.

This can happen by updating your design and the appearance of your content. Some even enhance your website in more advanced ways, such as making areas better for touching with fingers than clicking with a mouse.

There are also plugins that monitor your website’s responsive performance. Say you use a new theme or update your layout. You can use these plugins to judge whether or not the changes are mobile or tablet friendly.

Look at the Screen Resolution

All platforms have different screen resolution. This is the size of the screen and the screen orientation. This is important for the layout of the website; a theme that looks good on one device may not look good on the next.

To make sure your fitness technology website is responsive, see what type of layout your website has. This will give you better insight to know how your website will look.

If the theme is in portrait, it will be slightly longer than a square layout. This layout makes for better scrolling, which is popular on a device and easier for a desktop user to navigate.

Some themes even have the ability to automatically change the layout. This means it will appear a certain way on your desktop but another on mobile or tablet view.

There are hundreds of different website designs for all screens. So your best bet is previewing each theme before purchasing.

After the theme is installed, check the view on all of your devices to ensure the theme sustains its quality. This is important if your theme changes to fit each device’s screen resolution.

Create or Edit Your Own Theme

If you’re a tech person, you can create your own responsive WordPress theme.

There are a couple of ways to do this. Many web developers use code, but this is an advanced skill. If you’re an amateur, there are custom web design programs you can use.

If you decide this route, you need to understand what makes a website responsive. This includes different styles of website orientation, different ways to display content, and knowing the ideal design for each type of device.

If you like a WordPress theme but notice it’s not responsive, but can make coding changes to increase its responsive performance. These changes aren’t advanced; oftentimes, you can find the code online and paste it into your website’s HTML.

More Advice About Responsive Websites

When you optimize your website for responsive performance, there are aspects of desktop view that makes a website less responsive. These include:

  • Pop-up ads
  • Slow loading
  • Certain HTML coding

In addition, “mobile-friendly” is different than responsive design. The responsive design integrates aspects of your desktop website, while a mobile-friendly website serves as a different website specifically for mobile-view.

Time to Design a Responsive Fitness Technology Website

You want a fitness website that’s optimized for all devices. The easiest way to achieve this is by integrating responsive principles in your web design. But this is easier said than done.

Fortunately, WordPress has a variety of methods to ensure your fitness website is responsive. Since your website visitors are accessing your website on all platforms, having a responsive website is vital.

For more web design and website performance advice, take a look at our services.