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Why Monitoring Web Performance Matters for SEO

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The typical list of priorities for improving a website’s SEO value/ranking tends to disregard the practice of web performance monitoring. This is a mistake for a webmaster to make and there is no excuse for it.

At the start of 2018, Google posted many guidelines regarding the mobile analysis available in their PageSpeed Insights. Today, more global web traffic is coming from mobile devices than from desktops or tablets.

Trends like these put a lot of stress and pressure on webmasters to ensure their website is prepared for the demand for high-level performance over various networks, devices, and locations as one.

The Importance of Speed With Web Performance Marketing

An ideal connection for a desktop computer is a wired connection on a strong network, while an ideal connection for a mobile device is a strong 4G LTE or WiFi signal in an area with less data usage occurring by the surrounding devices.

If the connection is so picture-perfect, the pressure is off of the other involved parties and is placed solely on your webmaster to have the proper configurations in place.

But, when the scenario is not so ideal, the weaknesses in your site experience are now united by the slow speeds of the network, connection, or device being utilized.

The Data Points to Consider

While you cannot control variables in the equation such as network, connection type, or device type, you can control the resources you have powering your website and the web performance monitoring you’ve enlisted. Such an investment requires a strong focus on the right factors for your success:

  • Optimize your HTML code
  • Create a sitemap and be sure you have bread crumbs in use
  • Apply the use of Google Webmaster Tools and submit your sitemap
  • Showcase quality content which presents well to users, regardless of device
  • Track HTTP, DNS, FTP, SSL, and more

That last point is where we come in. Those are just four of our available ten monitoring options, and our customers use the data we provide to keep customer experience at an all-time high.

The Demand for Dependability Has Never Been Higher

Pick an industry – any industry – and see just how much we depend on the latest and greatest internet developments to help that industry continue to succeed. Even some of the most obscure needs, like oil field apps, are now sought after for their new and improved methods and features.

These apps need to run with the same high-level web performance monitoring options as any website because a crash of any kind can be extremely harmful to their operations today and their sales tomorrow.

Take Action Now

Remember, search engines stay in business by providing the best results for the most people. If a search engine was to recommend a bad site experience to a visitor, they would most likely lose business. We’re here to help you keep that from ever happening.

Our range of services exists to serve all industries and all internet experiences. Web performance monitoring is a complex combination of factors and we’ve taken them all into account to offer our flexible plans and low monthly prices.

If there is any question left on why monitoring web performance matters for SEO, feel free to contact us or visit our blog for more info. We’re the solution you’ve been looking for!