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5 Tips To Speed Up Your WordPress Personal Finance Site

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No one wants to wait for your slow website to load. If it’s too slow, you will lose out on return traffic. But there are ways to speed up WordPress and improve the user experience for your site.

If you’re experiencing a slow-loading personal finance website, you need to try a few fixes to get it running faster. Here are 5 tips to speed up WordPress.

1. Optimize Your Images

This is one of the top reasons sites are slow. Even if your personal finance site doesn’t have a lot of images, they still need to be optimized to speed up WordPress. It’s a great way to promote things like HSBC credit cards.

The easiest way to optimize your images is with an app like Photoshop or any number of online services. These will shrink those images to under 100 Kb.

You can also use a variety of WordPress plugins to assist in optimizing your images further. There are some that will reduce image file sizes by up to 15%.

2. Use a Speed Optimizer

A speed optimizer is a tool that you can use to get your site to load faster. This tool will do multiple things to improve your site overall.

It will reduce the number of server requests and eliminate redundant plugins. Getting rid of those plugins will eliminate wasted space that can slow your site.

3. Streamline Your Design

Check out how your website is set up. Evaluate all the elements within your site to see how you can simplify the code.

Whenever you simplify the code on your site, it will run faster. In particular, if you’re using Javascript, it can slow your site. Look for alternatives to get the look and user experience you want.

In some cases, the theme you choose will help streamline your site and all the code. Check reviews carefully before installing a new theme for this purpose.

4. Use a Content Delivery Network

Content delivery networks (CDN) can help deliver your website faster than your host in most cases. A CDN is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and data centers, which means that your site is served to clients via the nearest server instead of a central server that your host provides.

A CDN is especially useful if you have a lot of images on your site or a significant amount of data to serve to your clients.

5. Leverage Caching

Caching your content improves the way in which your content is served to clients. And there are simple ways to achieve this goal on your site.

One easy method is using the plugin WP Super Cache. It generates static HTML files from your site that it serves to clients instead of WordPress PHP scripts that can take more time to load.

Speed Up WordPress and Keep Your Website Healthy

A slow-loading website will drive traffic away. It’s important to optimize your site to improve the user experience. The faster your page loads, the more likely your readers are to return.

We offer a variety of helpful tips and services to speed up your site. If you need more ideas to speed up WordPress, contact us for more information on services that can get your site loading faster.