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3 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Fitness Website

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Health and fitness clubs alone make up an $83 billion industry worldwide.

That doesn’t even cover supplements, fitness gear, or recreation.

There’s no question that fitness is a popular topic worldwide as people are always looking for new fitness plans and products.

But you’re just one of many fitness websites reaching this population, how do you possibly compete? How do you increase your web traffic in such a competitive field?

Read below for 3 tips on how to increase traffic on your fitness website.

3 Ways to Increase Traffic on your Fitness Website

You’re publishing some amazing articles, promoting health, and yet you’re not getting nearly as much attention as you hoped.

How can you share all of your knowledge if no one is reading?

Here are 3 easy ways!

1. Social Media is Your Friend

Especially with popular topics such as fitness, it’s important to use social media to your advantage.

People love to share interesting tips and tricks with friends, and sites such as Facebook and Twitter are great for sharing sources with an audience and between friends.

To use these social media platforms to your advantage, post on them regularly, and watch the “shares” or “retweets” grow.

On your website, make sure to always include a “share” button to these popular websites and others, so that the information is easily circulated.

Because we all love visuals, make sure your pictures and diagrams are also easily shared!

These sites are also great to stay up-to-date on what your audience is seeing, posting about, and interested in (such as a trending fitness supplement found here!)

2. Monitor Your Website Like a Hawk

Even if your website is up and fully functional 99% of the time, there are still 7 hours where your customers or readers can’t access your site or contact you.

You’ll struggle to increase traffic if your website is down!

There are companies that remotely monitor your website 24/7 (at two minutes intervals!), and send you an SMS message if it happens to go down. The companies also keep reports of when the site goes down, so you can diagnose any errors based on their monitoring.

Beyond constant monitoring, some companies also send reports of when the highest activity occurs on your website, so you can be sure to post when you’re most likely to have readers on your page.

You’re probably constantly monitoring your website anyway, but you have to sleep sometime. These companies can take over your shift.

3. Improve Loading Times

We simply don’t have the patience nor the time to wait for a page to load anymore.

According to one study, 40% of users leave a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

If it takes over 10 seconds to load, most people have already clicked away.

By improving your loading time, you’re not losing most of your base before they’ve even given your website a chance.

There are several ways to test your website’s loading time, and LoadImpact and PageSpeed are just two potential resources.

Final Thoughts

You want to increase traffic to your fitness website, and the three tips above are guaranteed to help.

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