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Site Analysis: What Your Tech Site Needs to Get Clients

Website Tips and Tricks

You may have the most well-designed tech website around. But if you’re not getting the clients you want, something needs to change.

A great website is your secret weapon. It can show your skill, impress your prospects, and convince your clients that you’re the best fit for them.

Unfortunately, many freelancers and business owners aren’t using their websites effectively.

The answer to unlocking more clicks and more clients? A site analysis.

Read on to learn how you can perform your own site analysis, improve your tech website, and increase your business.

How to Perform a Site Analysis on Your Tech Site

Wondering how you can attract more clients through organic search? Hoping to get increased web traffic from Google? If you haven’t completed some basic steps, your site will be impossible to find.

The first thing you need to look at is your site’s SEO. Here’s what your analysis should include:

Title Tags

These are one of the most important factors for on-page SEO. Title tags are shown on the search engine results page. They greatly influence whether or not the user will click on your site.

Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions don’t directly impact your rankings.

However, they do help your visitors make that split-second decision about whether they’ll click on your website. Use the 156 characters to provide a description of your page. Be sure to include a call-to-action to encourage visitors to click.

Site Speed

In 2010, Google announced that site speed would be included in their search-ranking algorithm. That means that sites that load quickly are given a boost in the search rankings over sites that are slow or buggy.

Slow pages have higher bounce rates.

This is because visitors click on your website, get tired of waiting, and click straight back to the search results. Those visitors are potential clients who are heading straight for your competition.

You can check your site speed with the Google PageSpeed Insights tool. This will show you what you need to fix so you can make your tech site load faster.

Site Uptime

Site uptime is another big consideration and an important part of your analysis. If your site is down when potential clients click on it, or they get a 404 page, you’re missing out on opportunities.

This is why you need to choose your web host carefully.

While some hosts are cheaper than others, the most important consideration is their uptime ratio. The minimum uptime ratio you should accept is 99%. Additionally, a good uptime monitoring company can notify you immediately if your site goes down.

Site Recovery

If your website crashed today, would you be able to get all of your information back?

If you couldn’t, what impact would this have on your business as you slowly rebuilt your site, portfolio, or blog?

Solutions like Binarybiz can ensure peace of mind, so if the worst happens, your data can be recovered quickly and easily.

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to complete your site analysis? If you’re interested in site monitoring, get in touch today to learn how we can help.

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