The Importance of Web Analytics for Your Wedding E-Commerce Site

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People spend generously to make their big day unforgettable, so wedding e-commerce is a huge industry with fierce competition.

Global e-commerce sales are rapidly trending up, and you can’t afford to miss out!

Read on if you are serious about increasing your online sales! Here we’ll discuss the importance of web analytics for your wedding E-commerce site.

The Importance Of Web Analytics

Why Web Analytics?

Simply put, web analytics is the cornerstone of a performance-driven website. Simply wishing your wedding E-commerce be successful won’t cut it. Numbers are important as they provide you with a definitive picture of what’s going on.

The power of analytics lies in giving you a clear, objective picture of what works and what doesn’t. For example, social media likes and shares are a direct measure of a post’s popularity. This is web analytics at its most basic form.

Analytics gives you the power to measure website performance, see which products sell and what your customers really want. But this is not as straightforward as counting likes.

Web Analytics and Wedding Website Performance

With a wedding E-commerce website, you can’t just check likes and 5-star reviews to determine performance. That’s where advanced web analytics come in.

In order to rule the future of your business, you need to actively track your metrics, establish goals and monitor your key performance indicators.

Efficient analytics will enable you to track a number of parameters, including:

  • Where your visitors are coming from (traffic and leads)
  • How much traffic converts to leads and how many leads convert to sales
  • The times when your site has most of its sales
  • Keyword effectiveness in generating leads and sales
  • The best time of the day to make new offerings and reach out to your potential customers

So, good web analytics will empower you to optimize your marketing budget and supercharge your sales. Especially in the wedding industry where competition is fierce and offerings are individually expensive, a small number of sales can make the whole difference between growth and stagnation.

If You Are Not Doing it…

… your competitors will.

Most small and mid-sized businesses overlook web analytics and ongoing reporting. That way, they miss out on a huge chunk of their market.

You don’t want to do that mistake for your wedding E-commerce site.

Businesses that leverage the power of statistics have a clear understanding of their visitor profile. If you know the age, sex, occupation and other crucial details about your customers, you can fine-tune your website offerings to increase your sales.

Setting Up Web Analytics

As with most business decisions, there are two ways to get your hands on web analytics. You can either hire a 3rd party company to manage all analytics and customer tracking for your website, or you can have your own IT team handle it.

Thankfully, there are many accessible analytics tools, and most modern websites come with at least some form of basic website statistic software package already installed. Some of the most popular such packages are Webalizer and AWStats, both of which are easy to use. Google also offers their own free enterprise analytics solution.

Whatever you choose for your wedding website, you will do well to remember the importance of web analytics in identifying what your customers want and where you should be spending your marketing and IT budget.

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