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How to Use Website Analytics Online to Boost Blog Traffic

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Web traffic is the lifeblood for the success of a blog.

There are hundreds of millions of blogs, and the reality is that most of them fail. The vast majority of blogs get less than 1,000 visitors per month.

As a result of anemic web traffic, these low volume bloggers typically quit before the fourth month anniversary.

Rather than giving up, bloggers should use website analytics to boost web traffic. By doing so, there will be a clear indication of what is working and where the areas of improvement are.

Read on to learn more about website analytics online download audio books and how to increase web traffic.

Google Analytics is Free and Necessary

If a blog does not use Google Analytics to measure web traffic, they are not even trying.

First of all, Google Analytics is free of charge up to 10 million hits per month. This figure covers the vast majority of blogs, but the added expense will be minimal should the blog surpass the 10 million threshold.

There are a number of great tools within Google Analytics to utilize.

Understanding Important Website Analytics Terms and Metrics

There are a number of terms and metrics to be familiar with in order to measure website performance with Google Analytics.

The most obvious one is total visits. While monitoring the home page is great for the big picture, Google Analytics allows for analysis of any page on the website.

New sessions is another self-explanatory metric but indicates how many visitors are new versus recurring. If the content is not engaging, bloggers will be made aware via a low number of recurring visitors.

The bounce rate tells bloggers if visitors are clicking on links and exploring the website. One example would be a visitor landing on the home page of Adazing. A low bounce rate would indicate that visitors are browsing products and checking out tips for authors.

Search engines penalize websites with high bounce rates. In general, it indicates poor quality or low website speed.

Lastly, channel-specific traffic determines what the origin of the visitor is.

For instance, this Google Analytics feature indicates whether the visitor was referred from another website or social media platform. There are also direct visits and organic visitors who found the website using a search engine.

Employ SEO to Leverage Off Search Engines

How do visitors discover a blog? Search engines drive web traffic to blogs so long as the right keywords are utilized.

There are a number of website analytics tools that rank keywords.

In addition, these tools will provide notifications when keyword rankings change. This will tell bloggers what keywords are hot and possibly drive follow-up blogs on this topic.

See What Competitors are doing to Drive High Web Traffic

Any successful business keeps an eye on the competition. This research includes an assessment of the competitor’s website, social media pages, and content.

There are a number of tools that allow for monitoring of a competitor’s web traffic. SimilarWeb, for example, gives bloggers the ability to see which topics or content drive web traffic, and which ones do not.

Website Analytics Online Download Audio Books – Wrapping It Up

Analytics tools like SimilarWeb and Google Analytics can help boost web traffic. Statistics do not lie and a negative indicator tells bloggers where the areas of improvement are.

Moreover, assessing the competition gives ideas on how to fix these problems. For more information on website analytics online download audio books, please do not hesitate to contact us for additional support.