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5 Tricks for Improving Your Imaging Website Ranking


If you have an imaging website, the concept of SEO is probably something you’re familiar with. You need search engines to take your work seriously if you want to build a profitable online business.

Your rankings are important.

So just doing a few things here and there won’t cut it: at the same time, everything you can do will put more money in your pocket.

There’s no such thing as spending too much time on your SEO strategy, and following these five tips will go a long way towards improving your rankings.

Start With Keyword Research For Your Imaging Website

Even if your website ranks well, it’s important to rank well for the right things. If you have a good keyword research strategy, you can make sure you’re targetting your SEO as well as you can.

Keyword research is the core of search engine optimization. If your imaging website isn’t using it, you can bet your competitors are. You should make this a regular part of your marketing actions to succeed in online marketing.

Have an Imaging Website With Compelling Design and Content

One of the most important things for a website to have is compelling content. Blogging on a regular schedule is essential not just to SEO but to branding.

Websites like SmashBrand exist to improve your brand. But on top of their services, you should also be committed to creating high-quality posts for your website.

Really focus on the “high-quality” element of this equation. If you post meaningless clickbait, you will hurt your website in the form of a high bounce rate. The goal of your content strategy should be getting people on your site and keeping them on your site.

Avoid Bad Link Penalties

If you have an older imaging website, this is particularly essential. Search engines used to (and still do) care about a lot of people linking to your site.

This makes sense. A lot of links mean a lot of people who find your content useful. But what doesn’t make sense is that, in the old days, they didn’t care who linked to your site.

This meant a number of companies would buy links from sketchy databases that were made to manipulate search engines. Because Google knows all, they eventually caught on and penalized websites for these links. Make sure there are no bad links to your site to be sure you aren’t losing money to an unknown penalty.

Reduce Load Time

Did you know that long load times can hurt your website’s ranking? The problem is twofold: first, people don’t like websites that take forever. If customers don’t like it, neither do search engines.

This is doubled by the fact we mentioned before: a high bounce rate is bad for your site. Page speed matters, so make sure you know your speed and go as fast as you can.

Make Sure Your Site Is Up

If your site is down, your ranking will suffer. A short-term outage can be so much more than just an hour of lost traffic: it can be life or death for the SEO strategy of your marketing website.

We offer a variety of plans for business owners who want to know when their website is down. Our packages allow you to be informed by an e-mail, text, or phone call. So don’t leave things up to chance: sign up today!

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