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5 Signs Your Medical Site Needs a Website Speed Optimization Service


Did you know that a mere 1-second delay in load time could cost you 11% in lost visitors? And worse yet, for each second delay, you lose another 11%.

If your medical website takes 5 seconds to load, you’ve lost over 50% of your traffic. Ouch!

You can only do so much to speed up your site. But a website speed optimization service can help take speed to the next level by optimizing everything.

Let’s explore 5 signs you need to optimize your speed.

1) You’ve Got a High Bounce Rate

The traffic’s pouring in. You can see it in Google Analytics. But nothing much is happening after that. People just leave.

They don’t read any of your nice blogs, watch your videos or schedule an appointment.

They’re bouncing. A high bounce rate can indicate that your pages are partially loading or loading slowly.

Site speed is the biggest example of “first impressions matter.”

If your site is slow, a potential customer might wonder, then what else is wrong with it?

A website speed optimization service can help send the right first impression every time to delight customers and improve your rankings.

2) You’re Getting Attention on Social But Little Traffic

People love your social content. They’re sharing your videos and even your blogs. But little of this interaction is turning into click-throughs.

They may actually be clicking through. But because load time is so slow, they leave before analytics even realizes you had a visitor.

These are lost opportunities that a website speed optimization service could help you reclaim.

3) Your Patients are Complaining

Ask the front desk. They probably get all the complaints. But they never tell the people who can fix it unless you ask them. They may not realize what a big deal this is.

Ask the questions. Survey patients about pain points with the site. And work to do it better.

4) You’ve Got a Lot of Duplication in Your Code

It’s the eternal plight in the coding world. Code gets put on top of code. You end up with duplications. These snippets seem harmless enough.

But they’re not. During loading, this code must still be read. It can cause delays.

Additionally, having certain sections load before others could improve the UX of your site. Patients today want a great user experience like they get on the Atlanta Face and Body facelifts website.

A website speed optimization service will help you clear the clutter and prioritize what loads first to improve user experience on the site.

5) You Think It’s Okay to Be Slow on Mobile if You’re Fast on Desktops

It’s not okay to be slow on mobile in this day and age. According to Wired, 47% of people expect a site to load in 2 seconds regardless of what device they’re on. Nearly 60% of searches now take place on mobile.

It matters.

Website Speed Optimization Service

If you’re struggling to speed up your website on your own don’t delay, it could be costing your medical website a lot. A speed optimization service can help you regain these lost visits and lost patients.

What experience have you had with these services? Comment below.