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5 Strong Site Analysis Tools for Your Origami Website

Website Monitoring

A good origami website needs to be easy to find, have a comprehensive set of diagrams and load quickly. If your potential visitors are looking free origami instructions & diagrams, they want to find a site they can rely on.

Site analysis tools can help make sure your website is running as smoothly as possible.

If you’re new to website analysis or if you’re looking to maximize your success, try these 5 site analysis tools.

1. Google PageSpeeds Insights

Google has created a simple tool for website analysis. It rates your site on s simple score of zero to 100. A top score means that your site is optimized for speed and responsiveness.

The mobile version shows how your site will look on phones and tablets, which has become important as mobile traffic overtakes desktop usage.

Google PageSpeeds Insights also offers suggestions on how to fix your site. The user experience category rates how easy your site is to use, gives recommendations and shows how quickly your page renders.

2. Pingdom

Pingdom is the go-to tool for page loading time. It rates each aspect of your site from the time it takes to load CSS files to the queuing for database queries. Each aspect is given a rating from A to F, with a short recommendation on how to fix each issue.

By breaking down the page size by content type, Pingdom’s analysis allows you to see how long it takes to load assets. Compare load times for embedded videos versus the images of free origami instructions & diagrams that you offer to optimize your site.

3. GTmetrix

GTmetrix is similar to Pingdom in its style and delivery. It offers 5 different sections including video, history, and PageSpeed. Its waterfall breakdown shows a similar letter rated analysis to Pingdom.

It’s a free tool that can be used to test your page from several different locations. With the international reach of origami, you want to be accessible from around the globe. Their analysis also allows you to compare browsers so that you can measure how your site looks best.

Compare user data to browser analysis so that you can prioritize any changes you need to make.

4. Webpagetest

Webpagetest offers a different set of tools than the other website analysis software on the market. You can choose from 25 different browsers to see how your site is optimized. It also offers 40 different locations you can request your site from, to make sure you’ve prioritized your user base.

Webpagetest allows you to disable Javascript, spoof user agent strings and ignore SSL certificates to give you comprehensive feedback.

5. SiteUptime

SiteUptime has most everything listed above with some extra features. It allows you to get SMS updates for monitoring your account.

SiteUptime gives monthly email updates with their free accounts. Sign up for a paid account and you can receive graphical reports, DNS monitoring, and a public status page.

Optimize your Free Origami Instructions & Diagrams Page Today

It’s important to your users that when they find an origami site with all of the content they want, that the site works every time they visit.

If you need help analyzing the needs of your site, contact us for a consultation.