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7 Reasons to Monitor Your Law Firm Website

Website Tips and Tricks

The website for your law office is critical for converting visitors into potential clients. In fact, you should consider your website as a direct extension of your law office.

You want those potential clients who visit your website to feel just as welcome as if they were walking into your law office. Your site should be dynamic, easily accessible, and offer visitors a great experience as they learn about your business and what you have to offer.

Any potential problems with your site will send those potential clients straight to your competitors. Obviously, you want to avoid this problem.

That’s why website monitoring is so important. It allows you peace of mind knowing your website is functioning well so you can focus on what matters – running your business.

Want to know more about why website monitoring matters? We’ve got the answers.

Website Server Uptime

The main goal for your website is to attract new clients. But if those potential clients can’t access your site quickly, they won’t stick around to learn about what you have to offer.

Monitoring the server uptime for your law practice can benefit your business in a number of ways. If your website goes offline, experiences a delay in server uptime, or other potential problems, you will be notified and your hosting provider can correct the problem.

This matters. If your site is down, it could affect your business and cause you to lose clients. Don’t give your competitors an edge. Make sure you have website monitoring in place to ensure quick server uptime and customer satisfaction.

Load Time

Speed and load time certainly makes a difference. In this digital age, people expect your business website to be quick, enjoyable, and easy to navigate. Anything less and you’ve lost them.

Clients should be able to access your various pages, blogs, and all content without any delay. You can perform ping tests that allow you to test your website’s speed.

But your best bet is professional website monitoring. They can easily monitor your website uptime and load time as well as your flash content, videos, and graphics to make sure your visitors have a great experience and stick around.

In Touch With Servers

You are busy – too busy to worry about an outage that can bring down your server. There’s no way to predict when this potentially serious problem might occur, and you already have enough to worry about.

With website monitoring, you will stay in touch with your servers and receive prompt alerts when outages occur. That’s much better than finding out about a problem hours or even days later.

That’s money down the drain.

You can even receive automatic alerts directly to your cell phone to stay on top of any issues as they occur. This can help you avoid a loss of traffic to your site.

It’s More Affordable Than You Think

You may be thinking you can’t afford professional website monitoring. But consider this. Problems with server uptime or an outage could potentially cost you lost revenue and clients.

The longer the outage, the more problems for you. Then you have to put money into hiring someone to correct the problem.

That equals time and money lost. So when you think about it, website monitoring may save you money in the long run.

Website monitoring is actually more affordable than you may realize, and the long-term benefits definitely outweigh the costs.


A good website monitoring service makes things easy for you. They provide you with all the necessary details about your network.

This includes service logs, errors, and the time and date errors occur. Reviewing these logs is a good idea. It can help you notice trends and when errors occur.

Having this information helps you to better troubleshoot and predict potential problems before they occur.

Monitoring Visitors

A professional website monitoring service can help you keep track of visitors to your site. A key indicator of the success of any law practice is visitor traffic to your site.

It’s important to know what your visitors are viewing. You can see what content and features they access.

This allows you to see what aspects of your website are working for you. You can see the trends and plan for future demands accordingly.

You also need to know if traffic to your site is increasing or declining. A steady decrease in traffic can indicate problems with your website that you need to address.

There are a number of factors that can lead to an increase in traffic to your site. Your marketing strategies, testimonials, sharing, Adwords, and social media can all play a part.

You want to make sure those visitors have the opportunity to join your email list, fill out an inquiry, call or email you, and download any digital products you offer. Check out how Zanes Law accomplishes this.

And it’s helpful to know how traffic arrives at your website. Knowing if visitors are arriving by clicking on social media ads or through search engines can help you see what’s working and what you may need to change.

The Bottom Line

You have invested your time and energy into your law practice. And your website is an integral part of having a thriving, successful practice.

You want your visitors to experience a pleasant journey navigating your site. And you want those visitors to turn into paying clients.

You can fill your website with relatable content, fantastic testimonials, and eye-catching graphics as Zanes Law Firm does. But if your site is down, that’s dollars lost for you.

The best way to avoid potential problems is to use a reputable website monitoring service. They do the work so you can concentrate on running your business.

Getting Started

If you are interested in or have questions about website monitoring, we’re experts on the subject and would love to help.

We know you want to give your business every opportunity for success, and we can help you understand the benefits and the affordability of website monitoring for your law practice.

Why wait? Contact us today.

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