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5 Common Server Problems and How they Affect Your Website

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A server crash could spell absolute disaster for your business. With the crash of your server, goes the crash of your website.

In the meantime, your competitors are getting that much further ahead!

Research has shown that website downtime can negatively affect your business reputation in a big way.

The reliability and professionalism of your brand fly right out the window, along with your revenue. Additionally, server downtime can negatively affect employee productivity.

This lag leaves you with both unhappy customers and a back-log of work!

Avoid disaster and learn more about the 5 most common server problems your business could face, and how to avoid them.

What is Business Server Monitoring?

Most businesses run everyday functions on a server, allowing them to perform important tasks, such as:

  • Hosting a business website
  • Sending and receiving emails
  • Accessing shared business data and files
  • Sharing business data and files

Ever tried to operate a fully productive day without access to email? In this day and age, your business productivity would sit at zero.

This why server up-time is crucial for your business and your website.

Server problems are costly, no doubt about it.

Your business reputation, productivity, and overall revenue are on the line.

Server monitoring can prevent problems before they happen, a measure all businesses should employ.

It helps to detect any bugs or viruses in the system, helping you avoid major issues that could lead to server downtime and loss of productivity.

How Does Server Monitoring Work?

Generally, a server host company offers monitoring software to a business to protect its servers.

This software regularly scans the network to detect any irregularities or potential failures within the system.

5 Common Server Problems Your Business May Encounter

1. Slow Page Load

According to research, if a page on your website takes longer than three seconds to load, a user will abandon it.

Three seconds doesn’t sound like much, but in today’s world, it’s a lifetime!

This is where your server needs to perform at its best.

Along with server irregularities, a number of things can slow your website speed:

  • High resolution image rendering (loading)
  • Long and complicated forms
  • Videos which auto-play when a page is loaded
  • A user’s web browser
  • Network connection speed
  • High amounts of traffic on the website

The bottom line: if your server has issues, your website and page load times will tank.

Your business could suffer, you’ll lose revenue, all because of server problems slowing down your website.

2. Viruses and Cyber Hacking

Cybersecurity is a major concern for all businesses.

Keeping your employee and customer information safe should be a top priority.

Online servers are at risk of cybersecurity breach, especially when personal or business details are stored there.

Unfortunately, cyber attacks and viruses are common in today’s tech age and can disrupt businesses by stealing and abusing information.

A server can be taken down by any virus imposed by a cyber attack for days, if not weeks at a time.

It’s an absolute nightmare for businesses and makes investing in robust online security protocol a necessity.

When choosing a host for your web server, ensure they include a closely managed security system in their package!

3. Website Traffic Overload

High amounts of traffic to your website is always the end-goal. It generates leads for your business, and as a result, revenue – that’s the point isn’t it?

Well, it turns out you can have too much of a good thing.

If your website receives an unusually high amount of traffic in a short period of time, your server may not be able to handle it. It can slow down your website speed and hurt functionality.

In some instances, too much traffic can crash your entire server, shutting you down completely.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales are common occasions where websites experience high amounts of traffic.

Popular websites such as PayPal, Target, and Macy’s have all crashed due to traffic overload.

Even if you have a niche type of business selling medicinal cannabis oil, packed with informative cbd facts, you need a reliable host server!

A hosting company which fully supports any amount of traffic eliminates risk of major server failure and other server problems.

4. Failure of Hardware or Software

The failure of hardware and software in your business happens all the time.

Hardware can malfunction, while software programs can become corrupted.

Many businesses have faced hardware or software failure of some kind, in this instance, resulting in server downtime.

Your host server company must offer time-efficient resolution services to get you back in business as soon as possible!

5. Server Crash

The biggest issue a business could face is a total server crash.It could be the result of unpredictable events such as flooding, a fire, theft, or a major cyber attack.

Additionally, if your web service is down, it could also cause your server to go down with it.

The cost of recovering from a total server crash is huge, something no business should have to endure.

This type of server issue could potentially cost your business thousands of dollars a day!

When faced with a server crash, there’s not much you can do, but adequate monitoring and protection beforehand could mitigate potential disaster!

Avoid Server Problems and Protect Your Business

In the modern business world, your IT infrastructure needs to be a top priority.

The world we live in is more connected via technology than at any other time in history.

Without a fully functional IT infrastructure, your business could suffer – don’t leave your success open to your competition!

Secure your business with a reliable server hosting and monitoring company.

For complete peace-of-mind, an IT network and monitoring company will ensure business success at all hours of the day!

And if you need help choosing one, or want more tips, check out our website. We have experts standing by to help you keep your website in tip-top shape.