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If You Are Building Patient Trust With Web Design You Gotta Read This!

Website Tips and Tricks

One of the most exciting trends in healthcare is the shift to a patient-centered system. With improvements in technology and advances in care, patients are expecting more from their providers.

Experts cite networking and the cloud as one of the biggest factors for giving patients more focused care in the years ahead.

‘But doctors and health administrators don’t need to wait for technology to catch up before becoming more patient-focused. Making sure your website is designed to build patient trust is a great step to take now.

Focusing on content, system uptime, and security will instill your current and future patients with trust in you and your practice. Take these steps to get it right from the start:

1. Patient Trust Starts With Technology

One of the reasons for the big shift in patient care is that patients are dissatisfied. With escalating healthcare costs they feel that care isn’t getting better.

In fact, with long waits, lengthy office visits, and increasing confusion, patients are looking for alternatives. Just as poor patient service can affect a practice, so can website uptime.

A website is a reflection of a brand. If it is frequently down or not dependable then patients will associate that issue with a medical practice.

After all, the name of the healthcare provider is right there on the content. Doctors can protect patient trust by making sure their site is up and running when patients need it.

2. Create Content

Creating valuable content on a consistent basis is a tool doctors should use to develop trust. Whether covering the best route to your office by car or the issues with a medical procedure like adult circumcision, every piece of content can help a practice.

Doctors develop trust by being consistent and clear with content.

3. Security

It used to be that patients were afraid to go to the doctor’s office. They worried that the doctor’s office was a place to get really sick!

The same can be said for websites and security. Doctors need to take care that patients aren’t afraid to visit their website.

But without the security of information and protection against cyber threats patients may stay away. They will surely associate your practice with harm if they have bad experiences with security.

And even if they know someone who suffers, the problem is the same. Word spreads fast and cyber security makes headlines.

Healthcare workers need to protect their patients online and in the office as well.

Don’t Leave Patient Trust To Chance

For doctors and healthcare administrators who are working on delivering care, it isn’t always easy to focus on the needs of your website as well. Just like a patient might need a specialist for a certain medical issue your brand needs focused attention.

You need expert help. SiteUptime is the specialist you are looking for.

SiteUptime’s clients love us because we head off issues. Our services help our clients resolve issues immediately.

With SiteUptime support, you can focus on content and care. SiteUptime handles the rest to ensure your digital footprint is building patient trust.

Don’t risk losing another patient to poor website design or uptime. Contact SiteUptime today and find out how we can help protect your brand.