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Give the User What They Want: 3 Important Reasons Why Companies Should Monitor Their Website Speed

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You have a quality product, competitive prices, and a team of skilled employees—so what’s missing? A speedy website!

As the platform your customers (and potential customers) use to interact with your business, having an efficient browsing experience is essential. But what exactly can happen if your website loading speed is too slow? 

Keep reading to learn about three reasons why paying attention to website speed is so important for businesses. 

1. Users Will Leave if It’s Too Slow

While most companies are clear on the fact that users want a fast browsing experience, many don’t realize how important it really is. 

A study put out by Google showed that if a website doesn’t load within three seconds, 53% of users will leave the page. Needless to say, losing half of your potential customers before they even get the chance to explore your website is disastrous for business.

If these people are shopping for a specific product or service, many of them will just move to a competitor’s website to see if they offer a faster user experience.

Seconds make a big difference when it comes to customer satisfaction, so do whatever you can to optimize website loading speed. 

2. They Might Not Buy Again in the Future 

If a customer does manage to commit to enduring the laggy experience your company’s website offers, that might be the last time they choose to do so.

Other studies have shown that the majority of customers won’t return to a website if they have a poor experience while using it. On top of that, they’re likely to tell other people about their bad experience, discouraging other users from checking it out as well.

If you’re unsure how to speed up a website, consider working with a company that offers digital marketing services. They’ll be able to finetune your site to make it as attractive and streamlined as possible. 

3. It Helps With Professionalism 

While having a slow website might have been acceptable in the early 2000s, times have changed. Customers expect modern companies to be competent with all forms of technology, and that means having a fast website.

Having a slow and poorly-optimized website shows that your company either doesn’t know how to create an efficient website or that it doesn’t care enough to do so. Neither of those options is good. 

Show your customers that your business is modern, professional, and with the times by having a website that they can fly through as they use it. 

Make Website Speed a Priority 

In the world of customer management, the littlest things can often make the biggest difference. Your website speed can have an enormous impact on customer happiness, so by prioritizing it, you’ll be able to create as good of a customer experience as possible. 

Do you now have a better idea of why website speed optimization is so important? If you do, make sure to check out some of our other posts for more guides on how to help manage your customers and ensure that they’re happy.