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6 Reasons Heating Businesses Must Monitor Server Uptime

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Server downtime is a killer. When your server goes down, no one can access your heating business’s website. For that reason, it is imperative that you maintain your server uptime.

What causes server downtime to begin with? Why is it so important that your site remain up at all times? And what steps can you take to maintain your server uptime?

Read on to find out.

What Causes Server Downtime

A multitude of issues can lead to server downtime.

Common issues include server hardware problems, network connectivity, and database components. When any of these problems pop up, your server can go down for a short or long amount of time.

Power outages can also lead to server downtime. Servers need power in order to function. A power outage at the web hosting service’s provider will knock all of their servers offline, creating server downtime.

Hosting services that use outdated or obsolete hardware are also prone to server downtime.

6 Reasons Heating Businesses Must Monitor Server Uptime

There are numerous reasons why your heating business should monitor your website’s server uptime.

Let’s take a look at six of those reasons below.

1. You’ll Know What Is Happening

Ideally, you should know what is happening on your website at all times. Knowing allows you to address the issue before it becomes worse than it already is.

Part of addressing the problem is letting your customers know what is happening. When you first realize your website server is down, you should post about it on your other online platforms.

Doing so lets your customers know you’ve quickly recognized a problem and are addressing it.

Not addressing an issue such as server downtime does a few different things.

First, it suggests that you aren’t keeping an eye on all aspects of your business.

Second, it annoys customers. Your website is your customers’ online method for contacting you and learning about your business. Customers who can’t contact you or learn about the services you offer grow frustrated and move on.

2. You Can Address The Problem Quickly

Server downtime won’t necessarily lead to other website problem. Not addressing it quickly can complicate the diagnosis process, though.

The longer it takes you to report server downtime, the more the list of possible problems grows. Each of those possible problems will take time to investigate. In the end, you’ll end up spending more time diagnosing the problem.

The result is your website failing for far longer than necessary.

No server will run perfectly all the time. Hiccups are inevitable. But that doesn’t mean a lengthy diagnosis process is.

The quicker you find and address the problem, the more time you can spend on fixing it.

3. You Can Manage Your Business’s Online Reputation

Dealing with difficult people is part of every industry, including the heating industry. Some people don’t want to pay up while others complain no matter what your business does for them.

The Internet gives these difficult people a platform. To spite your business, they may leave poor reviews on Google or your business’s Facebook page.

Many customers understand that these people exist and that their comments shouldn’t be taken too seriously. However, it always helps if you can address these comments swiftly and professionally.

When your server is down, you won’t even know the comments exist.

They’ll stay on your platforms and other platforms for all potential customers to see. If your website is down, they can cite your “inoperable website” as proof that you’re as poor a business as they claim.

Plus, there is SEO to worry about. When your website goes down for a lengthy amount of time, search engines rank your site lower. Lower ranks mean less traffic to your site.

4. You Can Prevent Profit Loss

It’s a well-known fact that most customers like to research online prior to making any sort of business transaction.

If your website is down, customers can’t research your business thoroughly. Sure, they can look at your social media. But it isn’t the same as looking at the information on your site.

Your site is the online version of your heating business’s office. It contains everything about your availability, your services, and your pricing. In essence, it contains everything potential customers need to know prior to committing to you.

If they can’t access that information, they’ll simply move on to a different company.

In other words, one of your competitors.

Your website is also your networking haven. It shows off your knowledge about the heating business and lends you credibility in the industry. When you post, “Click for more information about gas and heating,” your readers know they can trust you.

Poor server uptime destroys that trust.

5. You Can Save Money

Web services aren’t cheap. If your server is always down, then you’re losing money.

Monitoring your website for excellent server uptime acts as an insurance policy.

When you keep an eye on your website’s server, you are guaranteeing that it works. You are guaranteeing that your online reputation stays clean. You are guaranteeing that potential customers can access your information.

In sum, you are guaranteeing that you are getting your money’s worth out of your website.

6. You Can Detect Hackers

Hackers are the shady alleyway dwellers of the Internet. They use unlawful means to perform tasks that they deem a service to society. They also hack just for the fun of it.

In a world where online reputation management is everything, hackers are dangerous people. They can get into any online platform, delete or steal important information, and post obscene material. That material will follow your business forever.

As such, it is important to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity on your website.

Keep tabs on content that has gone missing or appeared out of nowhere. Also, keep an eye on your dashboard page. A sudden change in the page’s layout is a huge indication that someone has changed your settings without your consent.

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