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5 Signs Your Jewelry Website Needs a Site Analysis

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Between 2016 and 2017, more than twice as many North American jewelry stores shuttered their doors as in the previous year. This statistic reveals just how important it is for all jewelry websites to maintain tiptop conditions with a site analysis.

A site analysis is basically a check-up of all your web pages. Think of it as a routine physical for the “body” of your site. Like a medical diagnostic, the site analysis will reveal plenty of chances for you to beat out competitors in a hot market.

How do you know when it’s time for an analysis?

Follow these five simple signs.

1. You Have Never Had a Site Analysis Performed

From the moment you launched your jewelry site, you moved forward without looking back. However, you never evaluated whether your humble beginnings were holding up your progress.

Think of it this way: If you didn’t go to a doctor for five years, chances would be strong that something would have changed. Wouldn’t you want to know?

Analysis of your site will show everything from old-school coding to inappropriate keyword optimization, allowing you to fix problems.

2. You Are Losing Page Rank

At one time, you were able to rank high for certain keywords. Now, you’re floundering and can’t seem to keep up.

This red flag shouldn’t be ignored because it means that something isn’t right. Either you haven’t kept up with search engine optimization (SEO) practices, or your site isn’t attractive to Google’s crawlers.

3. Your Bounce Rate Is Getting Higher and Higher

Have you noticed on your analytics that your bounce rate is going sky-high?

The bounce rate is a page’s percentage of people who basically land there and immediately head elsewhere. In other words, they aren’t sticking around to find out about your ItsHot mens earrings because they aren’t interested in the product.

Your goal is to get your bounce rate to a minimum. Retail sites like jewelry websites usually have an average bounce rate of 20-40 percent. There’s nothing wrong with going lower, though.

4. Your Website Keeps Crashing

If your jewelry website stops working on a regular basis, you have a problem with your site’s uptime.

We’ve all become frustrated by crashed or non-available web pages. Why risk losing a good consumer who could become a loyal champion of your jewelry offerings?

Instead of accepting a constantly crashing site, keep an eye on it and find out why it’s a problem through professional analysis.

5. Your Pages Take Forever to Load

Slow loading is another signal that your site needs a thorough once-over.

Your pages might load slowly for a number of reasons, from the type of multimedia you choose to the publisher platform you rely on.

Rather than make potential customers wait for several seconds (or longer,) determine why your pages are loading at a snail’s pace. Then, do something to make them much faster.

Get a Leg Up on the Competition

The jewelry industry is highly lucrative, but it’s also very competitive.

Rather than losing valuable market share online, turn to a site analysis to keep your numbers golden.

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