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How to Ensure That You Have a Secure Site for Jewelry

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30,000 websites are hacked every single day.

Any breach of security is something to take seriously.

However, if you run an e-commerce site, a breach in security can be especially devastating. In addition to the loss of business, while you handle illicit transactions and work to get your site back up and running, you’ll also lose your customers’ trust.

How can you ensure that you have a secure site if you sell jewelry online?

Read on to find out.

Don’t Store Customer’s Credit Card Information

We know that it’s convenient to keep all your customers’ payment information on file, but doing so makes it a lot easier for that information to fall into the wrong hands.

When in doubt, don’t allow your customers to autosave their payment information or even their addresses.

If you feel that this would truly hurt your business, then make sure you’ve set up a seriously layered site security. This means things like antivirus software, data encryption, constant analysis and logs of web traffic, and more.

Or, you can ask your customers to create their own user accounts, which they can log into every time they want to make a purchase on your jewelry site. Encourage them to use a different password than the one they use for everything and require a number and a special character.

Use Trusted Platforms

Another way to ensure you have a secure site on which to sell jewelry?

Make sure that you’re signing up with a reliable and trusted platform. We know that the platform you choose will influence the look of your site, but looks alone aren’t enough.

No one will care that your website looks chic and is easy to navigate when their credit card information has been shared online.

Fortunately, a compromise between a secure platform and a beautiful one is possible. Jewelry company 1 Camo has a platform that allows their homepage to include a brief video explaining their products and even offers a product search bar at the top.

The platform is also VeriSign secured, and its privacy policy is clearly visible.

Update Early And Often

We know that running website and software updates can be a pain — but doing so is an essential part of having a secure site.

Keep in mind that hackers are evolving right alongside software.

Often, these updates aren’t just helping your e-commerce jewelry platform to run more smoothly — they’re designed to stay one step ahead of hackers.

If you can’t keep up with filling your orders and updating your software at the same time, then it’s a good idea to look into professional services to help.

Get A More Secure Site Today

Having a secure site is an essential part of both building your brand and showing your customers that you value their business.

When something goes wrong with your jewelry website, you need to know as soon as possible — even before your customers do.

That’s where we come in.

Get in touch with us today to learn how our website monitoring services can help keep your website as sparkling as the jewels you sell.