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Will Deep Learning Reshape Responsive Design?

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Deep learning technology isn’t just fascinating – it could actually revolutionize the future of web design.

With deep learning technology, machines can process data and even make decisions in ways that imitate the human mind.

This has the potential to change countless industries in the future, including web design. But what changes will it bring? Will deep learning tech someday replace web developers entirely?

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at questions like these. Read on to find out what deep learning technology means for the future of web design.

What Is Deep Learning Technology?

In “deep learning,” an artificial intelligence processes data, makes decisions, and figures out patterns, all without supervision.

Essentially, these AIs are set up to work independently from data sets, figuring things out and making decisions much the way a human would.

History of Deep Learning

The internet has grown into a massive part of our daily lives, and internet use leaves tons of data for researchers to parse out.

However, sifting through that data can be difficult. Most of it isn’t significant, and getting through the mass to get to the significant bits and make sense of a pattern can be a long process.

Companies have realized that there’s an untapped wealth of information there, and AIs are the perfect way to get to it. They’ve started to use machine learning, in which algorithms get better as they process information or receive new data.

Machine learning is a great way to parse out data and recognize patterns. However, deep learning takes this concept to the next level.

Deep learning uses a set of artificial neural networks to perform machine learning tasks. These networks of neurons have a design that mimics the human brain.

Deep learning systems are therefore able to take a more refined approach to processing data. Since the neural network has multiple layers, each layer can process data in a different way, using the information from the previous layer.

This allows for more complex, or “deeper,” machine learning. Deep learning technology is already changing the way many industries do business – and now, the web design industry will benefit too.

Deep Learning Technology Is Poised to Change Web Design

The web design field faces a few unique challenges. Let’s take a look at a few of the current web design difficulties that deep learning could assist with.

1. Integrate With Other Systems

Websites increasingly need to integrate with other systems to be competitive in the modern world.

For example, an online store needs to be able to integrate with third-party payment systems.

2. Provide a Quality Experience

Users are demanding more from websites than ever before. Consumers want personalization, visual appeal, and ease of use, among other things. For example, this site uses moving text on the homepage to catch users’ attention.

Web developers spend a lot of time customizing each site to meet the needs of the audience – and those needs are always changing.

3. Be Responsive

A good website needs to work on more than just a laptop or desktop screen. It also needs to be responsive to tablets, smartphones, and any new technology that can connect to the internet. Doing the work to get a site responsive on all platforms can be a challenge for web developers.

4. Be Secure

Security is one of the most important things for today’s web users. People are more likely to send sensitive information over the internet than ever before. It’s where many transactions are conducted, from banking to health insurance applications.

This sensitive information has to be protected from hackers and scammers. However, protecting that information is hard, since attackers are always coming up with new ways to get it.

5. Offer Great Performance

Users will almost always leave a website that’s slow to load. Although people expect attractive, exciting websites, they’re also not willing to wait. Developers have to balance aesthetics with the need for a site to be fast.

6. Be Engaging

The goal is to keep users on your site for as long as possible. An engaging site will get them to click through multiple pages, make a purchase, leave a comment, or come back for more.

As a web developer, you have to work hard to balance all these needs. However, deep learning tech can help you get these tasks done faster and more effectively.

How Can Deep Learning Tech Help?

Already, machine learning gets used to accomplish a lot of these tasks.

For example, an AI system can test whether or not a website is really secure, or test how responsive the site is. This helps developers refine the site before pushing it out to live users.

Deep learning technology can take this a step further, by providing more complex assistance with web development tasks. For example, a deep learning algorithm might be used to test how much time a consumer would realistically spend on a website.

In the future, deep learning AI can be used to create sites that are more responsive than ever before. Not only will these sites change depending on the site they’re being accessed on, but they could also offer new, personalized information that changes in real time.

For example, a user on the website might see certain content based on their location, interests, or previous interactions with the site. Automating these tasks with deep learning networks allows updates to happen immediately, giving each user a completely personalized experience.

Will Deep Learning Replace Web Developers?

With this in mind, will deep learning tech take the place of web developers someday?

AI has already taken some web development work away from humans. However, that work is mostly repetitive and requires little creativity.

Although deep learning can do a lot more than regular machine learning, it still can’t take the place of a human mind. Web developers may someday no longer need to do the basic tasks of website building and maintenance, but the world will still need the creativity and problem-solving skills only a human can offer.

Someday, web developers might simply need to design sites, while the work of development will be left to AI. But that day is still a long way off.

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