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Not Sure Your Business Needs a Website? Think Again! (Here’s Why)


Running a small business is one of the hardest jobs in the world. While being your own boss is fantastic, it also means you wear all the hats.

If you’ve always been convinced that web developer just isn’t in the cards for you and having a website is for other entrepreneurs, think again. Your company needs a website, and it’s not that hard to do. 

Here are the top reasons you should get your business’s site up and running as soon as possible.

Your Brand Needs A Website

Having a small business means that not as many people recognize your logo or your business name as they do Nike or McDonald’s. Bigger businesses don’t have to try as hard for recognition and branding, but a small business needs every opportunity to build its brand.

A website that presents its brand in a subtle but streamlined way enhances the public image of the company it represents. Your customers realize that they can put their faith in a small business that cares enough to present a uniform and homogeneous front

Your Budget Needs A Website

One of the cheapest, easiest ways to let your customer base know about your company and your services. You can also tell them about anything new happening with your small business, or (and this may be the most important thing you say) why they should trust you.

Designing a website on a tight budget is doable, and your small business can’t afford not to. These design tips can help you get started on the road to your very own website. Soon your customers will be seamlessly clicking through your story and convincing themselves that you’re the best place to go for their needs.

Your Social Media Presence Needs A Website

Have you ever been online and found a cloud of those little buttons? You know, the F, the T, and the little camera that mean you should connect with the business’s Facebook page, Twitter page, and Instagram profiles.

A website is a great way to drive customers and clients to continue their relationships with your business online. If they follow or like your profiles (and don’t forget about other platforms, like Snapchat, Pinterest, and YouTube), not only can you take it to another level, but you can bring your brand before them more often.

You’ll make a professional relationship a little more personal, and you’ll have so many more opportunities to let them see your company’s values and story. These are the aspects of your business that will keep the customer’s coming back, and make them customers for life. A website is key to connecting in this way with your customers.

Your Reputation Needs A Website

Most people read reviews about a business before they visit. In fact, the number is around 9 out of 10 people. That means almost everyone trusts online reviews like they would a friend’s opinion of a place.

If there aren’t any reviews of your business available for them to try, do you think they’ll be as likely to try your company? The facts say they won’t.

If you have a website, you can publish reviews that your clients give you. It makes potential customers more inclined to come and try out your business because it builds your reputation. Not only that but also it gives you a chance to see what people really think and respond if they have a less-than-thrilling experience.

You may think that not having a platform for people to leave their frustrations in public is better. But in reality it hurts your appearance, because no one knows if they can trust you. Having both kinds of reviews is authentic and genuine.

And how confident are you in the product you have if you’re terrified that people won’t love it and will complain online?

Your Work-Life Balance Needs A Website

Entrepreneurs work hard. That’s no secret. We’re willing to bet you’re a hard worker, too.

Do you answer calls after hours? Do you have the office phone forwarded to your cell? Do you respond to Facebook inquiries from home?

If you’re working all the time without a break, a website can help with that. Many of the inquiries you’re intercepting can be answered online. Take a little break when you go home for the night and let potential customers surf the net to find the answers to their questions if it’s after 5.

Set up the website so that you have an FAQ page or a contact page for clients to submit questions. Doing both is even better. That way your website works for you even when you’re home with your family or out with friends.

Keeping up with everything 24/7 is impossible. Give yourself a much-needed rest and actually stop working when you leave work. This is possible when your business gets a website.

Changing Your Story

Business leaders and coaches will all tell you that you need to figure out your why. Yet figuring it out is only the first step. Once you know the reasons behind your business, you have to tell that story.

And to do that, your business needs a website. It helps customers recognize your brand, your budget stretch farther, and your social media presence grow daily. Not only that, but a website also boosts your reputation and your work-life balance.

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