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Everything There Is to Know About Image to Text OCR

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Did you know that the first Optical Character Recognition or OCR device was invented in the late 1920s? OCRs can be extremely helpful, but knowing the difference or understanding how to choose the right one for your Image to Text OCR needs can be a bit tricky. 

Keep reading to learn all the ins and outs of choosing the right OCR for you. 

1. Accuracy 

One feature that you want to make sure the OCR software you choose has is a high accuracy rate. What is the point of having an OCR software that only gets it right 10% of the time? You want something that is able to clearly recognize what you give it for at least most of the time. 

For example .net OCR will come in handy and is known for being accurate and reliable.  

2. Special Capabilities

There are certain software programs out there that do a bit more and have extra features that can really come in handy. Some might be able to recognize logos and others can also scan invoices and make your life easier. 

3. Price

When running a business, price is always a factor to make sure that you are not spending more than your budget. Although, price is not everything it is something you always want to double-check. Make sure that if you are paying a bit more than other OCR software programs out there, it is worth it because of the extra features or the customer service. 

Microsoft Computer Vision

This is a great OCR software option because it is a comprehensive set of computer vision tools. It has the capability to generate smart image thumbnails and also recognize well-known people in images as well as describe what the content of the images is. 

A pro about Microsoft Computer Vision is that the text recognition works well and it also divides the text into regions. Each of the regions has lines that have words of the actual text written on them.

There is a free tier with this OCR option that will give you 5,000 requests per month. If you need more requests then you can choose one of the other price plans ranging from $19.90 to $199.90.


This OCR is mainly for scanning receipts and invoices. It doesn’t only recognize the text but it also recognizes the structure of the invoice and will give you things like totalAmount, merchantName, etc. This will come in handy because you don’t have to guess what the numbers stand for. 

There is a free plan available that gives you 50 requests per month or a paid plan option that gives you 1,000 requests per month. 

Ready to Choose an Image to Text OCR Software?

We hope that now that you learned everything there is to know about Image to Text OCR, you can make an informed decision and pick the best software for you. 

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