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5 Important Website Design Tips to Know

Website Tips and Tricks

Did you know that approximately 4.72 billion people around the world use the internet?

It’s never been more important to have an online presence. After all, people do everything online, including their shopping.

If you’re taking the time to build a website and expand your brand, you’re probably wondering how to start.

We’re here to help you out! Keep reading below for five of the best website design tips! 

Focus on the Website Interface

Before you begin to hunt for the perfect website aesthetic, you’ll need to develop a solid UX design. Creating a polished and efficient user experience is perhaps one of the most important website design tips.

A solid UX design will get your point across quickly, easily direct visitors to appropriate parts of the site, and make your CTA clear. It doesn’t hurt to contact a professional company, such as Wollongong Website Design, if you’re new to UX and UI design and need assistance.

Be Authentic

One of the mistakes small business websites make is using an excess of stock photos. Take time to have nice photos taken of your actual team and company location. It will help to humanize your brand and put a face to the name, which will make visitors feel more comfortable on the website.

Keep It Simple

You want to eliminate as much clutter from your website as possible. This will make it easier for visitors to find what they’re searching for, and they won’t be overwhelmed with visual stimuli.

A minimalistic website also just looks more professional. Don’t be afraid to utilize white space to separate key pieces of information—you don’t need to use stock photos or text to fill any unused space. A simpler website will also perform more quickly and cost you less to develop.

Stay Consistent

When building your website, you want it to tie into any pre-existing social media accounts. Any marketing materials you have at brick-and-mortar locations should also be utilized.

Essentially you want to make your website an extension of your existing brand. If you have a logo or signature color palette, use it across the site. You want to make your brand easily recognizable across platforms.

Make It Mobile-Friendly

Mobile web traffic makes up for approximately 54% of global online traffic. With people using their phones to search the web more than desktop computers, it’s essential that your website be mobile-friendly.

In order for your website to be mobile-friendly, it must be formatted in a natural way that allows for easy navigation. If you want to assess your own website, Google offers a tool to analyze whether it’s mobile-friendly or not.

Utilizing the Best Website Design Tips

You’ll find that some website design tips work well for your brand while others stunt your success. Website design is all about tweaking and editing your site until you find what works best for you. With the guide above, you’ll have no trouble getting started on your website design journey.

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