How to Make Sure Your People Are Listening to Your Podcast


Do you run a podcast or hope to produce one?

Even if you have the best gear and produce an amazing show, it won’t get you far without a reliable podcast hosting service. Your choice of web host can make or break your chances of getting people who will stick around and listen.

Fret not, we’ve got some tips right here to help you out. Read our guide below and discover five crucial steps in picking a good podcast host:

Easy Setup

Not sure how to share a podcast, set one up, or deal with complex issues like server uptime? Sure, some people know what to do but if it’s your first podcast, you’ll want a hosting service that offers an easy setup. 

An intuitive dashboard and features guarantee you can produce a high-quality show. You won’t run into too many errors or hurdles due to a complicated hosting service.

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Website Integration

Knowing where to host a podcast should be a priority. People won’t listen to your show if they can’t find it. Some hosting services will provide tools to help you make a site or to integrate your show on some of the ones they sponsor.

However, you might want more control. To achieve this, you should look for a hosting service that offers a plugin for WordPress integration. If you don’t use WordPress, you’ll want a hosting service that offers some form of networking for sites built on platforms like Wix or Squarespace. 

Monetization Options

One of the factors to consider when you host your podcast is reasonable monetization options. Is there a paid subscription, options for free listeners, or premium tiers? Does the hosting service offer integration with monetization options like Patreon or Buy Me a Coffee?

More monetization features will help you gain more listeners. Not everyone might like subscribing. Some might want to support you via Patreon or another funding option. 

Analytics Tools

An analytics tool is perhaps the most crucial one when choosing a hosting service for your podcast. You can’t gain more followers and listeners until you fully understand your audience. 

A powerful analytics tool will tell you more about your listeners. The metrics will tell you where they come from, how long they listen, their age, and what time or days they’re active. Now you can make adjustments to your content and release schedule to garner more listeners.

More Storage

The best web server for podcasters offers more storage. If you can find one that offers unlimited storage, the better. 

After all, you don’t want limitations like restricting your content to only 30 minutes or posting one to two episodes per month. What if you want two-hour podcasts, three times a week?

Pick the Best Podcast Hosting Today

Gain more listeners by picking the best podcast hosting service. These five tips will help you pick one that not only gives you better options but also guarantees you’ll gain more followers. Look for more storage, analytics tools, monetization, an easy setup, and website integration.

Of course, picking a hosting service is only the first step. Learn helpful marketing tactics and podcast production tips right here by reading more of our in-depth tech guides!