How to Use Popups to Engage Your Customers and Grow

Website Tips and Tricks

Gunbroker auctions marketers and e-tailers are sometimes wary in recent years at the very thought of integrating popups into the mix in order to engage customers, but they need not be. There is a lot of opportunities for growth to be had!

Make First Time Visitors Opt-In

As soon as visitors arrive on your page, serve them a pop up asking them to sign up for special offers. After all, 98% of buyers won’t purchase from your site the first time they visit. You have to give them a reason to come back.

If you can get them to say yes the first time, you’re more likely to get them to say yes the next time. However, if you don’t get their information, they may not come back. They may not even remember how they got to your site.

Lead them to the water you want them to drink. Email marketing is still the way to go and once you have their information you can send them valuable information, deals, and updates to engage further.

Pulling The Trigger With Popups

Timing is everything when it comes to popups. If you want to pull it as soon as they arrive, try a time driven popup. You can time it to where it shows up for them after a determined amount of time and adjust as necessary to see what works.

Alternately, you can hit your target with the popup once they make a move, like scrolling down the page 70% of the way or click through a certain number of pages. This is a little sneakier, but it probably doesn’t feel that way to those who are truly interested in purchasing from your website.

The exit intent popup is also a tried and true sales popup — when they’re about to leave, offer them something. They don’t really want to leave, do they?

Ok, maybe they do, but if you give them a reason to come back later, they just might. It’s worth a shot.

Tips For Not Being Spammy With Popups

While you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, you don’t want to misfire too many times and alienate a potential customer. Don’t go overkill with popups that won’t go away after they’re closed out. You probably won’t hear from that person again.

The subtle approach with popups can be the best one because popups in and of themselves are right in front of your audience. Use smaller popups and limit the number of popups that show up to new visitors. You don’t want to come off as desperate.

Entice Shoppers With Free Shipping Popups

47% of shoppers indicated in a recent study that they did not abandon their purchase because of the promise of free shipping. It’s a tried-and-true way to entice shoppers through pop-ups.

Use Popups For Gunbroker Auctions

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