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How To Generate Traffic for Your Charter Jet Site

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When Orville and Wilbur Wright made their first successful flight of a heavier-than-air motorized machine they instantly became national heroes.

Often referred to as the “fathers of modern aviation” the Wright brothers were considered pioneers of technology. Their innovations and developments inspired people worldwide.

Once they had built the first successful prototype they continued making changes and improvements. Not once during their career as engineers and businessmen did they hit autopilot.

A website is similar to the Wright brothers. To earn guaranteed website traffic you’ve got to do much, much more than simply build it then expect it to fly unmanned.

The question is, with over 3 million blog posts written daily, how can you be heard through all the air traffic control noise?

We’ve developed a guide highlighting 4 important tips to keep your website out of a holding pattern.

1) Boarding Call for All Bloggers

The boarding call is required to inform passengers it’s time to enter the plane. Without passengers, the plane has no reason to leave the terminal.

The same is true for a website. Without website visitors getting “on board” there’s no sense having a site.

The boarding call of website traffic: content.

Which is typically in the form of a blog.

If you’re looking for a source of guaranteed website traffic, this is the place to start. In fact, in a survey of companies that produce regular blog content, 71% reported an increase in visibility within their industry.

Here are some quick ideas for topics you can cover in blog posts:

  • 10 Fantastic Things to Do in [insert any regular destination]
  • What to Do if You Lose Your Passport While Travelling
  • Check Out These 10 Incredible Tropical Destinations (all places that you fly to, of course!)
  • Why Hiring Charter Jet Makes You More Productive
  • A Fun Dictionary of Aeronautical Lingo

Create content to address the needs or problems of the ideal customer. This not only attracts qualified prospects, it sets your business up as a credible source of information.

Building trust this way means you’ll be top-of-mind when a customer needs to hire a charter.

But don’t think that all your blogs need to be entertaining and fun. It’s important to include articles that pertain to your specific industry. Google notices that type of content.

Articles describing the style, layout and cabin dimensions of the aircraft you have available for charter. For instance, if you have a Pilatus PC 12 charter sitting in the hangar, give potential customers details.

2) Mach Speed: Is It Fast Enough?

Maintaining a comfortable cruising speed is terrific during an intercontinental flight. When it comes to your website, though, it can always go faster.

Where does speed come into play more often in today’s ultra-connected world?

You probably guessed right. Mobile devices.

A non-responsive (nonmobile-friendly) site is the kiss of death for guaranteed website traffic. Here are some convincing reasons why a mobile-friendly website should be a priority:

  • 96% of smartphone owners use their device to get things done (such as look for a jet to charter)
  • Nearly 50% of mobile users abandon a site that takes longer than 10 seconds to load
  • An astounding 79% of shoppers say they will not return to a website that performed poorly on their mobile device

That’s a lot of guaranteed website traffic to miss out on. Time to get responsive.

3) FBO

The Fixed Base Operator is a place to refuel, relax, and check in with other aviation types.

Social media is the FBO of your online brand identity. It is here professionals and the general public congregate. They use it to stay up-to-date about things they “like.”

One of the best FBOs online is Facebook. It’s the place where 1.4 billion people gather every day. And it’s the Crystal Skye of social media advertising.

Look at this checklist:

  • Male
  • Over the age of 40
  • Business owner or CEO
  • Income level above $250k
  • Likes to travel

Is that the perfect client, or what? Imagine if you could send a direct message to a large group of that exact persona.

Well, you can.

All you have to do is set up a Facebook Business Page, and you’ve revved your sire up for some serious guaranteed website traffic.

4) Wilco

When you radio someone a “Roger Wilco” you’re telling them “I heard what you said and I will comply.” (Wilco).

This is what your website needs to “say” to Google. “I will comply. I will abide by Google’s standards and follow the Webmaster Guidelines.”

Here are some “black hat” SEO techniques to absolutely avoid:

  1. Keyword stuffing
  2. Link farming
  3. Overuse of internal links
  4. Duplicate pages
  5. Paid links
  6. Linkbait

To use any type of shady technique is to entertain the possibility of flying into the Bermuda Triangle — never to be seen again.

The Final Approach to Guaranteed Website Traffic

The journey has almost come to end. The flight was smooth. Not a hitch, no turbulence, and you’re even arriving ahead of schedule.

But what happens if your instrument panel suddenly goes down? What do you do when your communications to the tower are interrupted?

It’s the same with a website. (Maybe not as stressful, but the consequences can still cause a lot of anxiety.)

When a website goes down you not only lose potential customers, but it’s a ding on your reputation as well. And the only way to prevent an unfortunate situation from becoming a catastrophe is to monitor your website’s uptime.

That’s our specialty. Let us help keep your website at cruising altitude. Contact us for a demo today.

When it comes to increasing traffic and growing your online brand there’s no switching to autopilot.