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How Your Real Estate Website Can Benefit from a Site Analysis

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If you’re interested in helping more people in your area become homeowners, you need to have all hands on deck with your branding.

The website is the most important part of your brand — especially in a hyper-local, social field like real estate.

Getting a site analysis from web experts will help you to get the best performance from your real estate website.

As a Florida real estate expert, you would do well to follow the tips below to make the most out of your website.

A Site Analysis Helps With Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is the most critical marketing tool you have at your disposal right now.

Since Jacksonville real estate grew by 8 percent in recent years and is continuously on the rise, you’ll need to carve out a piece of the market by reaching your audience.

Search engine optimization can be complex and requires constant assessment. With a site analysis, you’re able to know how effective your SEO efforts are, and can tweak them accordingly.

Real estate companies especially need to be diligent at SEO efforts because there’s so much competition. For instance, Cash Home Buyers in Jacksonville must maintain blogs, research keywords and stay active on social media to draw in serious sellers.

No matter what sort of focus you have in the real estate market, understanding where your SEO stands is essential.

Your Site Will Become More Navigable

Bringing people to your site is one thing — you also need to be sure that they’re comfortable navigating your site once they find it.

This means tweaking your page layouts and design in order to find out which is the most comfortable for your viewers. Getting a site analysis will help you audit your current design while understanding how people use your site.

You can get information related to what people are clicking, how long they’re navigating and how successful your conversion rates are.

Getting a site analysis will also help you to test out the site on different platforms, such as tablets and smartphones. Since there are more than 2 billion smartphone users worldwide, you’ll want to optimize your website for these platforms.

You’ll Be Able To Add Multimedia

Simply put, your site doesn’t stand a chance unless you make it stand out with some stellar multimedia.

Consider hiring a photographer to deliver professional quality photos of your homes. You’ll also owe it to yourself to use virtual walkthroughs to give people more of an idea of what it’s like to live in the home.

Make sure to mix in plenty of useful video content as well, providing people information on everything from the home buying process to home maintenance.

A site analysis will let you know how your multimedia is performing and will let you tweak it until you get excellent results.

A Site Analysis Audits Your Design Principles

The way that you design your real estate site will dictate how people use it.

Today’s attention span is about 8 seconds and is getting shorter by the year. By stripping your website down to a minimalist approach and using some great design principles, you’ll find success.

When you get an analysis, you’ll figure out how to make your site thrive, changing anything from template to font.

Competitors Are Assessed

Getting your site analyzed is about more than just your own web presence — it also involves researching the competition.

When you see how other real estate agents in the area are finding success with their sites, you’re better able to implement those same ideas with your own.

During this assessment, web professionals will also research your company reputation. This way, you’re able to ensure that people are enjoying your brand and can improve the brand by responding to criticism.

They can help you see the best ideas executed by others in your field so that you’re able to incorporate them for your own success.

It Helps Local Home Buyers Find You

When you’re interested in improving your local real estate site, you need to focus on drawing in shoppers in your area.

Understanding these techniques lets you make your site more findable as a whole.

The worst thing you would want is to endure downtime with your website. You can look into a site uptime listing to know when yours or other sites are down, so you can get them back up to speed at once.

Any time your site is down, you’re losing out on potential real estate customers. Ensure that you’re embracing local terms and keywords so that people are able to find the Jacksonville homes that you have to offer.

Since listings come and go as you publish them and take them off the market, you’ll need to know how locals are finding your properties.

Site Speed And Performance Will Improve

Site analysis helps you to improve your website by leaps and bounds. By improving the performance, your users are better able to have a great experience and return as they shop around.

When your website is well kept, you also greatly reduce the likelihood of downtime.

This is critical since even a 1 percent per month downtime can cause you to lose 7 hours worth of business.

Having someone analyze your website keeps it running well and makes it a useful tool for your real estate company.

Contact Our Company For Your Site Analysis Needs

If you need another set of eyes on your website, we’re the company that you need to reach out to.

Not only will you give an idea of your site’s uptime, we’ll also help to make your website faster and ensure that you’re using the best keywords to help people find your site.

When you think you’re ready to get the most out of your real estate website performance, get in touch with us to learn more.