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5 Best Practices for Monitoring a Law Firm Website

Website Tips and Tricks

Successful monitoring of a law firm website requires a lot of knowledge.

With dense competition, thinking “Looks good to me!” simply doesn’t cut it.

Take your site to the next level and increase your conversions by using these best website monitoring tactics.

5 Law Firm Website Monitoring Best Practices

An underperforming website is just as damaging to your business as an underperforming employee, if not more.

Whether you specialize in SBA loan default, personal injury, criminal law, or anything else, keep your law firm website in tip-top shape so that it best represents the authority of your business.

1. Test Page Load Speed

The most important factor about your law firm website is that it works. However, it also needs to work fast.

People expect sites to load pretty much instantly. Did you know that 40% of consumers will abandon a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load? That’s a harsh drop in clients for any business with a slow loading site.

Carry out tests under the most realistic possible conditions. Mobile is king nowadays. So, be sure to test your page load speed from a variety of devices.

2. Map Out The Customer Journey

A successful website is one that creates a narrative that draws customer leads to convert.

It’s similar to the way a retail store is laid out: it’s all about the psychology. You know how when you go into Target and always end up buying extra items that weren’t on your list? It’s probably due to the layout.

Your website should do the same thing. If customers can’t follow a simple flow, they’ll be likely to leave without contacting you for a consultation.

Monitor your site traffic patterns to see where customers logically go. Use this data to understand the customer experience and improve upon it.

3. Search Engine Optimization

You won’t be able to convert customers if no one can find your site.

In fact, 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results. If you’re not coming up when they search your services, their business will definitely go elsewhere.

Stay up to date with the latest Google, bing, and other search engine algorithms to find out what you can do to get your site higher ranked. Or better yet, hire a qualified SEO company to do this for you.

4. Effective Alerts

Virtually zero websites experience 100% functionality 100% of the time. When something goes wrong, you need to be alerted fast.

Thankfully, great monitoring services can do the monitoring work for you.

You don’t just want daily check-ups. Serious monitoring services are on top of your site every few minutes. You have the choice to receive them by email, SMS, or phone to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

5. Cyber Security

Cyber hacking is a very serious issue for anyone with a website, especially a law firm website.

You must protect your site from malware, data thieves, and other threats 24/7.

Use malware scanners, password scrambling encryption services, and other helpful tools to protect your valuable website.

Once hacked, it’s hard for a company’s reputation to recover. Just think of the scandalous Ashley Madison leak of 2015 that affected more than 30 million people.

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