What All Top Real Estate Websites Have in Common

Website Tips and Tricks

Are you struggling to get traffic to your real estate website?

As flooded as the market is, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. But somehow, there are a few sites that manage to break ahead and steal all the traffic.

If you want to compete with the top real estate websites, you need to take a few tips from their playbooks. And in this article, that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Keep reading for the three things all of the top real estate websites have in common.

Focus on the User

User experience is everything.

Have you ever used a really unfriendly website? Maybe you couldn’t find the information you needed. Maybe it took a year to load. Or there might have even been that terrible MIDI music that you can’t stop.

If you don’t mind a high bounce rate, then go ahead and ignore user experience. But if you want visitors to actually interact with your site, you need to make it about them.

The top real estate websites make user experience top priority. They make their sites easy to use. They make it obvious where they need to click for more information. And brother, you better believe they click.

If you want to get that sort of traffic, you need to focus on user experience.

A Beautiful Design

One of the easiest ways to get people to look at your website is to make it good to look at.

But beautiful design isn’t just easy on the eyes. A well-designed website can actually increase your traffic.

Pleasing colors, beautiful graphics, and interesting animations can make your website a work of art that users just enjoy using. And hey—that automatically improves user experience!

If you really want to go the extra mile, it’s not enough for your website to just be pretty. It has to be memorable too.

Consider adding interactive elements to your site, like this interactive map of Manhattan. Here’s a free idea: hire a designer to make a similar map of available properties.

Photo Gallery? More Like Video Gallery

Trying to compete with the top real estate websites with a plain old photo gallery? Have fun in the loser’s corner.

The big dogs have all moved on to video galleries.

High-quality photos are invaluable for real estate listings. But even the best photos can fall short. Photos have a hard time showing off the true greatness of a good house.

Photos can mislead potential buyers about the layout of the house. And when they walk through the house, they can be disappointed that their ideas and the house don’t line up.

Use video to give truly impressive tours and get visitors’ attention.

Join the Top Real Estate Websites

Using these tips on your website is sure to increase traffic.

But if your website is plagued with outages, it won’t matter how flashy it is. Downtime will sap traffic and undo all the good you’ve done with web design.

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