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5 Lead Marketing Tips to Get More Life Coaching Clients

Website Tips and Tricks

Are you passionate but struggling to get clients?

You probably already know that you can build a solid income as a life coach, as long as you build your business the right way.

To help you land coaching clients, here are 5 lead marketing tips to help you grow your business as a life coach!

1. Make Sure Your Website is Optimized for Lead Marketing

When traffic finds you via social media, email marketing, or search engines, you need your site to be up-to-date and properly maintained.

Whether you’re driving potential customers to a standard website or to dedicated landing pages with a builder such as ClickFunnels, use effective copy and sharp imagery to tell your story.

2. Give Value That Can’t Be Refused

No matter where your traffic is coming from, understand that in 2017, consumers are constantly blasted with online promotional ads.

In order to see an increased number of leads and grow your customer base, you’ll need to create offers that give away the farm.

The value that you create can come in the form of discounts, package deals, exclusive sessions, events, and more. You are only limited by your creativity!

3. Support Your Core Offer With Great Content

Your core offer is the main product or service that you’re selling to potential customers. As a life coach, your core offer might be one-on-one coaching sessions.

You can also provide tons of value in the content that supports your core offer. By supporting your core offer with content, you’ll improve your lead marketing by gradually encouraging people to become a client.

Content can include anything from lead magnet blogs and e-books to a coaching podcast or YouTube video series.

4. Always Have a Call to Action

Up until now, we’ve focused on your website, the value in your offers, and your content. All three of those marketing strategies are incomplete without a call to action.

A call to action gives potential customers a direct path to take the next step in engaging with you.

Here are a few examples:

  1. In a Facebook post, a call to action might be a link and copy urging users to visit your blog.
  2. On a contact landing page, a call to action might be a button allowing leads to request a free consultation.
  3. On a thank you page, social sharing links are calls to action that can help your content’s virility.

When in doubt, try attending programs such as The Avatar Course to network with other professionals and get inspiration on how they’re calling their audiences to action.

5. Embrace Retargeting to Capture Your Audience

Retargeting is the last tip on our list of lead marketing tips.

Take advantage of the power of tools like the Facebook Pixel and Google’s remarketing pixel. Be sure that they’re installed on your website so that you can properly track traffic.

These pixels allow you to retarget your website audiences with ads, increasing your engagement and lead conversion rates.

Kick Your Coaching Business Into High Gear!

With these 5 lead marketing tips, the possibilities are endless for building your unique life coaching brand and landing your ideal clients.

Have these tips sparked any new ideas for you? Let us know in the comments!