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4 Benefits of Having a Site Analysis Performed on Your SEO Website

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Have you noticed that your visitor count has been seriously dwindling recently?

Have you made adjustments to your website and attempted to improve its overall usability, but haven’t seen any results?

Do you just feel like your website isn’t as optimized as you’d like?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it sounds like you could benefit from a professional site analysis.

Also referred to as a website audit, these services offer a whole host of benefits that can help you to better connect with your target market and rise higher in search engine rankings.

Ready to learn more about how an audit can benefit your website? Then keep on reading.

1. You’ll Learn What’s Not Working

One of the biggest reasons to have a site analysis performed?

To figure out what’s going wrong on your website. Often, you might think you’re aware of the problems on your site. For example, you might blame the large image sizes on your homepage for a slow loading time.

But in reality, the fault is actually with the autoplay videos and pop-up ads.

If you incorrectly pinpoint these errors, you’ll end up making unnecessary changes to your site. Usually, this will only cause you to fall further in the rankings.

Site auditors have access to the most up-to-date analytical tools, so they’ll be able to uncover errors you weren’t even aware of. This can lead to increased site security, more intuitive navigation, and faster site speed.

They’ll be able to run numerous simultaneous tests and analytics, so you’ll get the answers you need without having to disrupt your workflow.

2. Your Content Will Improve

You already know that having a blog is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy. Not only does it help to make you an authority in your industry, it also gives you a great opportunity to use SEO content strategies like keywords.

But is your content fully optimized? Is it written in a voice your customers can connect with? Are your keywords seamlessly incorporated into the content of your website? What other places could you sneak in keywords (for example, image file names and HTML tags.)

This is what a site audit can help you to discover. SEO experts will also tell you whether or not you need to vary the type of content you’re using. Are you taking advantage of multiple social media platforms?

Is your content a wall of text, or is it broken up by images and videos? Are the links embedded in your content broken? What gaps are there in your current content/

Stronger content will help to get you closer to the first page of Google. Plus, it will also open you up to untapped markets.

3. You’ll Learn More About Your Competitors

Sure, you’ve certainly been guilty of stalking your competitors on social media.

But do you know why they’re doing better than you are?

A site audit can help you find out, so that you can adjust your content and site accordingly. Often, this will start with an analysis of your keywords. For example, let’s say your competition is a national chain, and you’re a small family business.

If you’re both using the same keywords in your content, the bigger chain is going to outrank you every single time. An audit will help you to focus on the keywords that you can use to outrank your competition.

An audit will also examine the kinds of links your competitors use in their content. Would any of them work on your website? Could you reach out to the companies being linked to, and ask them to write a guest post on your blog?

Finally, an audit will take a look at your website content and ensure that it’s different from your competition’s. You might think that imitating what they do online will help to win you customers.

However, it often just makes you look unoriginal and lazy. A site audit will help you to develop a stronger content strategy that sets you apart from the competition.

4. You’ll Increase Your Conversions

Of course, the best thing about having a quality site analysis performed? It will help you to increase your conversions and generate more revenue from online sales.


First of all, the changes experts make to your site after an audit will help you to rise in the search engine rankings. This means you’ll have an increased visibility, especially when it comes to the local market.

Additionally, an expert analysis will also test the success of your current keyword strategy. Remember that the phrases people use to search for your products/services is constantly in flux.

What people typed into search bars to look for your website two weeks ago may not be what they use today.

You can learn more about the specific language your target market uses online through sites like Felicity Jane or Moz, which help businesses learn how to rank on the first page of Google search engine results. An audit will even help you to create more effective advertising campaigns for the future.

A site analysis ensures you’re using the most effective content marketing strategies, in addition to strengthening the more technical sides of your website.

Ready To Get Started On Your Site Analysis?

Thanks to this post, you’re much more aware of just a few of the many benefits of having a site analysis performed.

However, you may be concerned about the potential expense of a full website audit. Don’t panic. There are several online tools and websites you can rely on to help you assess your website.

We’re one of the best.

At Site Uptime, we offer affordable and reliable website monitoring, so you’ll know immediately if something on your site doesn’t seem quite right.

Remember, none of the changes you’ve made to increase your site’s effectiveness will make any difference if you’re website is down. When your site goes offline or crashes, you need to know the minute it happens.

We also offer a free monthly plan that includes a public statistics page, half-hourly website checks, and an easy-to-use control panel.

Register with us to ensure you always have eyes on your website. Be sure to check out our blog for more invaluable tips about your digital marketing strategy.

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