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Website Design: How to Attract More Jewelry Buyers

Website Tips and Tricks

Web design can have a huge impact on your jewelry sales. According to Adobe, 59 percent of consumers will take time to engage with content—as long as it’s beautifully designed.

That means if your jewelry website isn’t well-crafted, your buyers will leave before you ever come close to making a sale.

Here’s our take on how to use web design to attract more jewelry buyers and make more sales.

Web Design Tips to Attract More Jewelry Buyers to Your Site

Go for a Polished Look

While there is always room for personal preference in the world of web design, when it comes to your jewelry website, you may want to err on the side of elegance.

That’s because, in general, jewelry is a luxury item. It costs big bucks to purchase and maintain quality jewelry. You want your website to reflect that investment from your buyers.

To achieve an elegant, luxury look, try a few of these tips:

  • Choose a clean, minimal layout.
  • Avoid adding too much extra information or features.
  • Choose a limited color palette—gray and black especially give off a “premium” look.
  • Use lots of white space in your design.
  • Pick a serif font if you want to appear traditional.
  • If you’re trendy and innovative, go with a sans serif.

Offer a Robust Marketplace

If you want to attract more buyers for your line of jewelry, you need to build a solid, varied marketplace of products.

Even if you’re selling a niche jewelry product, try to give buyers multiple options to choose from. Roisdor, for example, offers several varieties of their product at different price points.

The more options you can offer, the better chance you have of drawing in new buyers.

Make Sure It’s Mobile-Friendly

In their research, Adobe also found that eight in 10 users will leave a website if it doesn’t display on their device. That means your site needs to appeal to jewelry buyers no matter how small their screen is.

Make sure your images and layout scale down to fit mobile screens. Go for a vertical scroll layout to make it easier for buyers to browse on their smartphone. Be sure to swap out small, clickable links for large, visible buttons that are easy to tap.

Create a Digital Marketing Strategy

Now that your site is designed, stocked, and mobile-optimized, it’s time to spread the word about your products through digital marketing.

Take the time to come up with a solid strategy to market your site to prospective buyers. Come up with a plan to integrate it with your social channels. Once your buyers are on your website, make sure you’ve given them a clear, easy-to-navigate purchase journey.

Then sit back and start making some sales.

Make Sure Everything Is up and Running with SiteUptime

Most of all, your website needs to work when buyers visit. That means every page should be up and running at all times.

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