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5 Marketing Tips for Wellness Blogs

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Thinking about getting started in the world of wellness blogs? It’s a popular niche. The health and wellness industry is creeping into the trillion dollar category, and many a savvy blogger is reading the signs and trying to break into the industry.

But once you’ve bought your domain and started mapping out your posts, how can you ensure success? Or at least ensure your blog will reach your target audience?

We’ve got 5 great tips for making yourself marketable in the wellness blog world.

Manage Your Focus

It’s important to understand that media consumers come back to blogs again and again because they know what to expect. They know that a particular blogger is going to speak to their sphere of interest.

So narrow your focus. Find a niche within a niche. There are hundreds of sub-categories under the health and wellness umbrella.

Do you want to talk about yoga? Organic eating? Powerlifting? Whatever your interest in wellness, there are people looking for wellness blogs that address that issue.

Once you’ve picked a niche, try not to stray too far outside it. Your audience wants consistency, and you will have an easier time marketing your blog if you stick to your niche.

Engage Your Community

This doesn’t mean just engaging your audience. That goes without saying (or should).

Read other blogs in your niche and in the wellness category in general. Leave comments. Engage on social media and share posts that resonate with you.

Building relationships with other influencers in the industry will help you create pathways with other audiences, and help you build professional networking opportunities with other professionals, lending your blog credibility and tons of opportunity for content.

This engagement is also going to provide you with inspiration and intel into your target audience. Is your audience getting interested in juicing/ Has there been a big spike in searches for mesothelioma survival rates? Whatever your audience is searching for, engaging will let you in on, helping direct your future posts.

Stay Consistent

COnistacy in terms of subject matter is great, but so is consistency in terms of posting.

Like a favorite TV show that comes on every Friday at 8, your audience likes to know that they can count on your for new content on a consistent basis. So whether you post weekly, bi-weekly, or every few days, let your audience know when they can expect new content from you and stick to that schedule.

This serves two purposes.

First, getting into a posting routine and staying with it ensures that you constantly have new content for your audience, which means more to promote, more links back to other posts, and better visibility.

Secondly, by publicizing your posting schedule (“Check back for new posts every Tuesday and Thursday!”) you’re creating an expectation. Your audience will know to head back to your site on those days, boosting traffic and clicks.

Be a Social Media Pro

The beauty of our modern age is that social media is a marketing dream. Add in a working knowledge of SEO on your posts, and your blog might as well be marketing itself.

You don’t need to go crazy, but pick two or three platforms that work well, and use them. Instagram is great for wellness blogs, and facebook and twitter can help boost promotion.

Wellness bloggers should also look into Youtube. Wellness is a visual medium, and using visual platforms can help you sell your brand to your audience.

Practice Authenticity

The most important marketing tip is to be true to who you are. Be authentic.

Consumers aren’t stupid, and they can smell inauthenticity a mile away. They will be able to tell if you’re just putting on a show or if you don’t care about what you are writing.

If you are truly excited and passionate about your content, that will show, and will make marketing your work that much easier.

Marketing Wellness Blogs: Wrapping Up

Being successful in this niche isn’t that different from being successful anywhere else in the blogging world. Let your authenticity shine through, and engage with your people.

Following these tips will ensure that you grow your blog in no time.

What are your favorite health and wellness blogs? Let us know in the comments below!