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The Top 3 Reasons Publicly Sharing Website Uptime Creates a Trusted Site

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Since your web site speaks for your company, it’s crucial that you do everything possible to keep your site at its best.

People need to view your company with trust, which means you need a trusted site.

Publishing your website uptime gives you a great way to accomplish this. This creates a measure of transparency that you otherwise wouldn’t have had.

To learn more about why sharing your uptime is excellent, read on and apply these strategies.

#1: Sharing Uptime Brands You As A Trusted Site Because People Will Know You’re Available

Not posting your uptime is like not listing your business in the phonebook in a prior era.

Back then, when your business was listed, it alerted customers in the area that you’re here to stay and operating above board.

Sharing your uptime accomplishes much of the same.

When you share your site uptime, customers will know to expect your site to be up and functional any time they need to reach you.

This also allows you the comfort to create wonderful content and market, using your website as home base. Consulting with a marketing company like Goldrush Agency is more advantageous when you have a trusted site in place.

#2: You’ll Build A Rapport With Other Potential Business Partners

It’s not just about building trust with customers — you need to be sure that other businesses can count on you.

When online companies are looking to do business, they’ll need to see example reports of your uptime to know if it’s worth it to invest in your company. If you’re able to furnish hard data, you’ll get the logistics out of the way and can begin developing a rapport.

Allowing this data to speak for you gives you the chance to explore opportunities that you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to if you didn’t take your company seriously.

Put your best foot forward with the public by touching base with professionals that will monitor your uptime and share it for you.

#3: This Shows That You Are Attentive To Fixing Problems, Not Hiding Them

Reputation is everything when it comes to branding your company.

Monitoring your uptime and sharing it sets the tone and tells people that you have nothing to hide. This level of transparency is the best PR that you can have and gives you an opportunity to establish yourself within your industry.

Any company that makes it known when they experience downtime leaves no choice but to hold themselves accountable to fix it. This sort of accountability is crucial for your company’s success.

The public will get the message loud and clear that you take their needs seriously and will fix problems, rather than hide them.

The Decision Is Clear

With these three points, it’s clear that you need to do all you can to monitor your website’s data. You’ll take it a step further by sharing the data publicly, for the good of your brand and business.

Do you share your uptime? We’d love to hear from you. Leave us a comment below!