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How to Target the Right Audience for Your Niche Ecommerce Website


In contrast to what many people think, niche marketing is not a disadvantage to your company.

In fact, if you have a product or service that is effectively targeted at a niche market, this could be a great advantage.

Many large companies concentrate on creating a niche of their own. After all, in a niche market there are fewer competitors and you can establish yourself as the best.

And yet, the most difficult aspect of niche ecommerce is how to target the right audience for your product or service.

As a business, it’s important to recognize that you cannot appeal to every section of the market.

1. Who’s Your Perfect Customer?

In niche marketing, one of the first steps towards making sure you’re targeting the right audience is asking yourself about your perfect customer.

It’s obvious really. If you don’t know who your perfect customer is, how could you ever target them.

Many companies simply stop at targeting young women. However, it’s essential to go much narrower. For instance, young high-earning married women who live in metropolitan areas.

2. What does Your Niche Ecommerce Website Sell?

Once you’ve established who your perfect customer would be, you can work out what you want to sell them.

You have to answer more than just, what product would your perfect customer like to buy?

Your products need to be driven by your experience, skills, and interests.

Don’t be put off by thinking that your product is too niche.

There are many successful examples of niche ecommerce businesses.

One great example of this is the MilitaryCoinsUSA challenge coins online company that has established themselves in the niche market of custom military challenge coins.

3. See the World Through Your Customers Eye

The best ecommerce companies learn to see the world as their customers do.

By doing this, you can understand what your perfect customer wants and needs.

And therefore, how you create a customer experience and products that play into this worldview.

However, be careful not to mistakenly image what your customers want.

You can avoid this by communicating with potential customers to determine what you could do better.

4. Monitor Your Competition

You need to make sure you’re up-to-date on what your competitors are up to.

You can even use online tools, such as Adbeat to get an insight into the strategy of your competitors.

You can also follow your competitors on social media, sign up for their mailing list and become a secret shopper. Any of these tactics will give you an idea of what they are doing that you’re not.

5. Enter the Market

After taking into account these top niche marketing tips, you can make sure you launch your niche ecommerce website with an advantage.

Cracking any niche market isn’t easy. If you have something to share from your business experience of targeting a niche audience, leave a comment below to get in touch with us.