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3 Qualities of a Well-Run Online Dispensary Website

Website Tips and Tricks

As laws and attitudes continue to shift, marijuana has grown into more than a $7 billion industry.

If you’re an online dispensary, there has never been a greater opportunity and need to distinguish yourself from the pack as you help your patients.

Creating and managing a website people love requires thoughtfulness and organization.

You cannot rely on just having quality products if you want to reach your patients. Your site must be well-run.

Is your website helping or hurting your bottom line?

Keep reading as we break down the 3 qualities that your online dispensary website needs so you can serve your patients effectively.

1. Appearance Matters

This is especially true within the crowded medical marijuana industry.

If your website’s graphics don’t stand out or your pages are too text heavy, you run the very real risk of losing your customer’s attention.

Create a positive user experience by focusing on the look of your site.

Have Visuals That Pop

Make sure the colors you select for your online dispensary are vibrant and reflective of your brand.

Your color scheme can affect your patient’s mood. It can also highlight or distract from what really matters – your product.

Speaking of product, are you showcasing your selection in the best possible light? Consider hiring a professional product photographer.

The better your dispensary’s visuals, the more likely it is to be successful.

Be Well-Organized

The ease of your patient’s browser experience will play a big role in whether or not they purchase from your site.

It also affects their likelihood to become repeat customers and recommend you to their friends. Make sure that your website is organized for ease of use.

Remove unnecessary clutter from your home page. Instructions should be clear and concise. Browsing and purchasing should be intuitive.

Whether your patient is a medical marijuana aficionado or a novice to the industry, your online dispensary should strive to make her shopping stress-free.

2. Menu Matters

The backbone of your online dispensary is the menu.

If it is not robust and accurate, you will not be successful. In lieu of being able to smell the cannabis in person or hold the accessory in their hands, patients need to get a clear sense of what they’re purchasing to feel comfortable.

Your menu is a direct reflection of the quality and values of your business.

Keep it Updated

Nothing is more frustrating than finding out the product you want is unavailable.

And cannabis consumers can be very selective and particular in making purchasing decisions.

Want them to try the CBD product that just came in? Working with a new grower?

To keep your customers happy, make sure that your menu reflects the most up to date products that your online dispensary has in stock.

If there are daily specials, make sure that they’re accurately reflected. If a new item is on its way, let your customers know.

Transparency and accuracy will set you apart.

Be Informative But Not Overwhelming

Do you have the information that your customers are interested in?

A well-run online dispensary will not only have excellent photos of their products, but they’ll have descriptions that help cannabis users know what to expect.

Does a particular strain give more of a body high or mental high?

What is the THC content found in a particular plant?

How does one kind of vaporizer work differently from another?

Your patients need access to all this information so they can make the right choices for their situation.

But be careful not to go too far in the weeds. Avoid being overly text or jargon-heavy with your menu.

3. Functionality Matters

People choosing your online dispensary want a pleasant, easy experience.

Your website should make it as simple as possible for patients to get what they need. Don’t allow technical mistakes or oversight to take away from your mission of helping others.

Keep it Error-Free

Focus on quality control.

If your site has dead links, typos, or other mistakes on it, your user experience will suffer.

You cannot afford to let that happen in the competitive world of online dispensaries. There is always another website or service vying for your customer’s attention.

Regularly check your site’s copy and remove any errors or outdated information. Your patients will view your online dispensary more professionally and will be more inclined to spend money.

Be Easy to Find

With any business, search engine optimization is key to survival. It doesn’t matter how good your products are if no one can find them.

The cannabis industry is no different. You must optimize your website to stand out from the crowd and appear high in search engine rankings.

Given all the competition selling essentially the same goods, the successful online dispensary will spend the necessary time and resources focusing on SEO strategy.

Mobile Compatibility

Over 50% of all searches happen on mobile devices now. If your online dispensary isn’t compatible with this technology, you will lose business.

Think about how your website displays on a smartphone. Is all your content optimized to look its best on the smaller screen?

Does your menu display correctly or have the graphics shifted in a way you didn’t anticipate?

Make sure you take your customer’s mobile experience into account when designing your site.

Keep it Running

Once you’ve created your amazing online presence, you must maintain it. Websites go down for many reasons, but every second that you’re not online is potential lost revenue.

You need a monitoring plan that will make sure you’re up and running at all times.

Choose a plan that makes sense for your budget. Then rest easier knowing that all the work you put into creating the perfect site will be seen by your target audience.

Your Online Dispensary Business is Our Business

By focusing on your site’s appearance, menu, and functionality, you are well on your way to creating an online dispensary that your customers will love.

Be diligent in updating and maintaining it and you will position your business as a trusted authority within the cannabis industry.

Contact us to discuss how we can support your goals.