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8 Website Hosting Problems That Show You Need A New Hosting Service

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Having your website up and running flawlessly is crucial to your business’s success. All modern successful marketing strategies have a functional, engaging website at their foundation. Likewise, if you are a web designer who charges for hosting, it is incredibly important that your client’s sites are up and working properly. Otherwise, you might need to consider choosing a new hosting service.

If you are experiencing any of the following eight issues with your website or clients’ websites, it might be time to reconsider your web hosting service provider.

Your Website is Down or Slow Too Often

It seems as though everyone is always on a computer or cell phone today. Users all over the world continue to visit website after website searching for information and resources. If there are significant issues with one website, it will surely get left behind in the search engine rankings. This can lead to searchers heading over to the competition instead.

There are now more than 1.2 billion websites on the global Internet, and that number is growing every day. You need to make sure that your website stands out. Don’t forget that your competitors will also be optimizing their websites as much as they can.

If your website seems to be malfunctioning more often than serving its purpose, it might be time to make some changes. In fact, the more you procrastinate taking care of this issue, the worse it could get.

Studies show that based on conversion rates, over half a billion dollars are lost due to slow websites. These companies missed out on optimizing the website speed and functionality available to them with proper investment.

Certain Features Are Not Working

Another tell-tale sign that your web hosting services are struggling is on a smaller scale than the entire website itself. Make sure you continue to check up on each individual feature, minor or major, that your site is supposed to facilitate.

Are the E-commerce transactions functioning well? Is site-based email communication being sent correctly? On a visual note, are all of the spaces on each of the site’s pages filled with the correct information, or are there blank breaks in the code?

You Have Had Issues with Security

On a more serious note, there are some threats to your entire business that can be prevented with security. If your web hosting services are not currently doing this for you, it might be time for you to move on.

If you haven’t heard about Ransomware, it happens exactly how it sounds. This usually takes the form of an innocent-looking email sent to one of your unsuspecting employees. Once they click the “bait” in the message, a virus attacks your network.

These ransomware programs essentially hold your business digitally hostage until a certain “ransom” is paid. The good news is that there is insurance available to businesses like yours to protect these unfortunate events.

A more preventative measure against ransomware and other cybersecurity threats (such as identity theft) is that of properly secured web hosting services. In fact, if you are experiencing something you fear would be an attack on your business’s information, call IT support before taking any further action.

Unexplained Charges on Your Account

You might have noticed inexplicable charges made on your current hosting service’s business account. This might happen once, or you could notice a trend.

If there are certain financial practices that make you uncomfortable as a business owner or manager, then it is definitely time for you to cancel any contract with those services. It is time to move on.

Poor Customer Service Experience

Poor web hosting services can be noticed many ways. After experience recurring problems, you are most likely going to try to contact your web hosting provider.

Unfortunately, some web hosting service providers do not even list a contact phone number on their website. Handling technical issues through email only is not the greatest customer service tactic.

Make sure the support team at your web hosting service provider is engaged in giving you and your team the best experience. They would show dedication to making sure your website, your time, and your team is treated with the proper respect.

Their Services Are Not Compatible

You might find that there are certain things you would like your website to do, but there is no way for your current web hosting service can accommodate you. To be frank, there is simply no room for that kind of attitude in the modern Digital Age.

For any business to be successful, the marketing strategy has to be spot on, especially the website. If you think your website could be more strategic for your business, you should be willing to invest whatever is necessary to make that happen. It will be worth the financial investment.

For example, if you think your business is ready for E-commerce and shipping of merchandise, you want to make sure your website has a full and user-friendly capacity for that. You might want to give certain members login information, and even that should be provided.

Your Website Hosting Problems Continue After They Have “Fixed” Them

If problems still continue with your website hosting services, even after attempting to contact them, why would you continue to use them? You deserve to have the time and attention your money pays for.

Your Customers Start Giving Your Site Bad Reviews

The last sign that will ensure it is time for you to upgrade your website hosting services would be from the customers themselves. You will know your website hosting problems are serious when your site, and business, receive bad reviews.


It is clear that a functional website is crucial to your business’s success. We know how important it is to keep your site up and running. Anyone who visits your website should have a high-quality, engaging experience.

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