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5 Effective Ways to Drive Facebook Traffic to Your Website


As of this year, there are over 2.23 billion active users on Facebook every month.

Facebook isn’t only for connecting with friends and family. Its market provides a huge opportunity to promote your business or website.

The trick is learning how to connect to that user base. There are many ways to use it to your advantage.

Keep reading to learn five strategies for driving Facebook traffic to your website.

1. Focus on Content

The first tip for sending audiences to your site is to make sure your content is attracting users.

Your Facebook page should have fresh posts that make people want to click or read more. You can grab or lose people’s attention just through the text you’re writing.

Avoid creating click-bait articles which people tend to hate and resent. Instead, focus on making blog posts that are helpful and friendly in tone.

Also, remember to craft interesting titles for each of your posts to catch people’s eye.

New strategies suggest that posting all the time is not necessarily effective. This seems counter-intuitive. But others have found that sharing fewer posts is rewarded by the Facebook algorithm.

Posting only one or two times a day is the most effective for user engagement. In short, pay attention to the quality of your posts over the quantity.

2. Create a Facebook Ad

One great way to drive Facebook traffic to your site is to advertise.

Learning how to create a Facebook ad is not as hard as it may seem. You can start targeting your ads to specific markets at a low price.

Ads let you connect to a demographic that’s interested in your website. An audience’s engagement with an ad increases when it’s specific and compelling. There are many options for advertising that will fit the needs of your site.

3. Share Links

Sharing and embedding links in your Facebook posts will help drive traffic to your website.

Links can go in blog posts, promotional videos or product pages. The more these posts get shared, the more likely you are to get clicks that will bring people to your pages.

Views, video plays, and comments strengthen your visibility on a platform like Facebook.

Posting links during the highest traffic times on Facebook also increases the chance of reaching people.

4. Use More Visuals

People love visuals so don’t be afraid to use them. Content like photos and graphics receive more engagement.

Visual content draws people in and makes them want to click on links. Things like infographics and big images are effective.

5. Boost Posts

One way to create engagement is to boost your most popular posts.

Boosting posts increases website traffic by emphasizing your best, most interesting content. The boost feature costs money but will create an amplifying effect.

Use the analytics tool to see which posts are performing well on Facebook. These should have links to your site also. Then boost them to market it to your audience and other users.

Monitor Your Facebook Traffic

After you’ve mastered how to drive Facebook traffic to your site, it’s important to keep track of how your site is doing. We provide services for monitoring websites to ensure accessibility.

To learn information about our monitoring services, you can visit us here.