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5 Common Reasons Your Website Is Loading Slowly (And How to Fix It)

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Does your website take forever to load? If so, you’d better change that ASAP.

If you’re like most people you’ve probably given up on or left a website that felt too slow. So you should understand why people would do that with your website, too.

A website loading slowly isn’t fun for anyone. Avoid losing traffic and getting penalized by Google by speeding up your website. But how do you do it?

Well, first you’ve got to understand why your site is slow. Here are five reasons why your website may be loading slowly and to fix them

1. Images that Aren’t Optimized

The size and type of images you use on your site may cause your site to slow down. To keep your website nice and speedy never upload an image that’s 1MB or larger. When choosing a file type, always go for JPEG over GIF or PNG.

Images should enhance, not slow down your site. Make sure you can easily move through your website without images causing any lagging.

2. Low Server Performance

If your server isn’t performing well it will be reflected on your website. Make sure your server is in tip-top shape so your website can remain fast.

Your server may perform poorly if your web host isn’t up to par. You may need to consider using a new host.

You should definitely consider switching if you use a free host. That means tons of other free sites are vying for attention from the host too.

3. Your Site Isn’t Optimized for Mobile

Many of your users will visit your site from mobile devices. If you haven’t optimized your site for mobile your site could act slowly for mobile users.

While you could create a regular site and a mobile site, it’s better to just create your main site with mobile devices in mind.

4. Issues with JavaScript

Your site may be slow due to JavaScript problems. To get things moving, make sure you don’t have any script bloat. Get rid of the scripts you don’t need.

5. Too Many Steps

How many steps do users have to go through to purchase something or use your site? If there are many, consider streamlining your system.

The more steps you have the more content your site has to pull up and the slower it can be. Check out Wichita Designs if you want a website that’s built for success.

Website Loading Slowly? You Can Fix It!

A slow website isn’t the end of the world. But it could be the end of some of your readership. A website loading slowly drives people crazy, but luckily you can fix it.

Take these five things to heart and compare them to your site. Find the issues and get them fixed ASAP. The faster your site, the more likely people are to enjoy it.

If you want your website to do its job properly, you’ve got to stay in the know. Sign up for one of our plans today to stay aware of how your site is doing.