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3 Secrets for Developing a Successful Business Analyst Website

Website Tips and Tricks

In a world with millions of websites, it can be hard for your site to stand out. You’ve got the business acumen, the experience, and the desire for a better site.

Your website represents your business, after all. It’s like your digital business card.

But you’re still not hitting your traffic goals like you should. What’s the cause?

Well, your website may not be as bulletproof as you think. There are a dozen reasons why you may not be hitting those traffic goals that include anything from poor design to lack of SEO.

What’s important is that you implement the necessary changes to improve your site. Ready to learn more?

Read on to find out some of the key secrets to developing a successful business analyst website.

3 Secrets for Developing a Business Analyst Website

1. Focus on Your Homepage’s Design First

Your homepage is the most important section of your website. It’s where your customers will make that all-important first impression of your services.

Often, one look at your homepage is all it takes for someone to determine whether or not you’re worth their time.

You’ll need to do your best to make your homepage welcoming as well as informative.

First and foremost, make sure that you use great images that fit your brand. There should be at least one image of yourself and your team, as well as your company logo.

Make sure that your copy reflects your business analyst goals. While you should certainly have a separate ‘About Us’ page, don’t be afraid to use similar copy here.

Outline your business and services clearly and effectively. Do you specialize in a particular business, for instance? Make sure to mention it.

The more you can do to separate your copy from your competitors, the better.

2. Add Testimonials

It’s one thing to talk about yourself and your services, but people realize that you’re online to make money. And there’s nothing wrong with that, after all. Your site is a way to advertise yourself.

But to solidify your talents, secure as many testimonials as possible. People want to see examples of your work and hear directly from those who have worked with you.

Ultimately, people trust people rather than businesses.

Now is the time to reach out to former clients and ask them to write up a paragraph or two about your time together.

If this makes you feel uncomfortable, that’s alright. Think of these testimonials as your letters of recommendation.

Here are a few things you can ask clients to include in their testimonials:

  • What specifically you did for their business
  • Why they’d recommend you to others
  • What you and your team excelled at
  • What their favorite aspect of working with you was

3. Offer a Free Quote or Service

If you really want to entice customers to contact your business, offer a free quote. There are tons of business analysis sites, so the best way you can show off your skills is to give away a sample.

You can offer a site audit, for instance. This is a great option because it isn’t too time-consuming and it looks impressive. Your client will get near-immediate results and you’ll get to show off.

Or if you offer online business analyst training, you can offer the first class for free.

An important note: treat your free quote or service as you would a paid gig. Take your time and make sure it’s done correctly. You’re representing your business, after all.


Now that you know how to design the perfect business analyst site, all that you need to do is keep it online! Be sure to contact us today and sign up for our server monitoring plans that’ll keep your site up and running.