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3 Tips to a Secure Gmail Account

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Cyber security is kind of a big deal.

It feels like every day brings more news about another hacking scandal or crippling malware attack.

2017 has seen a 250% rise in ransomware attacks. And that’s just one form of cyber attack.

While the statistics are a bit alarming, there are some surprisingly simple steps you can take to secure Gmail. Keep reading for 3 tips you can use right now to secure your Gmail account.

1. Create a strong password

It may sound simple, but your password is your first line of defense against a hack. If your password is compromised, you’ve got problems.

With the right tools, getting a hold of your simple passwords isn’t difficult for a motivated individual.

Most online accounts, including Gmail, are now requiring users to pick more complex passwords and add numbers or symbols. But throwing a few numbers onto your dog’s name doesn’t make much of a password.

The best approach to creating a secure password is to take several words and mix a few numbers and symbols in. The use of several words or phrase makes it much more difficult for a computer to hack your account.

Once you’ve picked a secure Gmail password, just make sure you don’t use it for all of your other online accounts. If you’re using the same password in multiple places, your other accounts are toast if a hacker gets access to one.

2. Set up 2-step verification

Once you’ve picked a strong password, the next best thing you can do to secure Gmail is to set up 2-step verification.

2-step verification all but ensures that only you can access your Google account.

With 2-step verification, you’ll have to enter a code–along with your password–each time you log in at a new location.

Your code will be sent via text to your phone after you’ve entered your password. Since no one else (hopefully) has access to your phone, add this layer of protection makes it pretty tough to hack your account.

To set up 2-step verification, just go into your Google account settings and look for the 2-step verification setting. From there Google will guide you through the process.

3. Check your account activity

Have you ever checked your account activity in Gmail?

If you haven’t, you’re missing out on a valuable tool to secure Gmail. It’s so easy to do you’ll kick yourself for never having tried it before.

When you’re in Gmail, just scroll down to the lower right corner of the window. You’ll find a line of text down there that reads, “Last account activity: XX minutes ago”.

Right under that, you should see a link that says “Details”. When you click “Details”, a new window will pop up with your account’s recent activity.

Keep an eye on this one and watch for suspicious activity.

For even more help to secure Gmail, check out the login post at

Ready to secure Gmail?

If you’ve taken all the steps outlined above, you’ve taken a big step to better secure Gmail.

The question is … have you done enough?

Once you’ve done the above, the best approach from here on out is to use common sense.

Hackers are looking for the easy way in. So if you’re being smart when dealing with strange messages and requests, your account will be much safer.