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How You Can Sell More With Off Page SEO

Website Tips and Tricks

Some retailers face obstacles to clearing out their warehouses, one of them being their SEO strategies. Try as they may, they just can’t get the traffic they’re looking for using their current tactics.

What, then, can these vendors do to get better results?

As it turns out, they might have to do something that seems completely counterintuitive to some people. Instead of perfecting their SEO, they should work on perfecting their off page SEO.

And how should they go about that? Read on to find out more.

Organic Backlinks

Organic backlinks are just one element of off page SEO. This is because they’re essentially the cream of the crop on the web. An organic backlink to a page usually indicates that the page has useful information it.

If, for instance, someone links to or some other retailer that sells fur in an article about selling fur coats, that probably means that the vendor’s services are actually useful to readers.

Every site’s owner should strive to earn natural backlinks. There is a strong emphasis on the word “earn” here since buying backlinks isn’t considered ethical in the world of SEO.

Relevancy of Backlinks

Whenever someone links to a page, the two sites are, for all intents and purposes, linked in some way. Many people would assume that the content on the pages that are linked is similar in nature.

If this doesn’t happen to be the case, a backlink to a site’s page might look suspicious. This is why adding links to pages to directories is usually a bad idea.

A good off page SEO strategy also requires that the sites which have backlinks to pages are trustworthy. In other words, the site owners must use ethical SEO practices. If they don’t, any sites which have been linked to will also have their legitimacy questioned.

Take It Easy With The Keywords

All of the traditional elements of on-page SEO are important. They can improve a site’s load times and overall performance.

Even so, sometimes people overdo things. People are especially guilty of overdoing keywords, which reflects poorly on their copy.

Generally speaking, keyword concentration should be kept relatively low. The consensus is that the concentration should be kept around half a percent to 1 percent. If content writers go too far beyond that, they risk getting their content flagged.

And, yes, keywords technically aren’t an off page type of thing. Unless, of course, content writers decide not to put so many on the page, in which case they’d definitely be off-page.

It’s probably not a funny joke, but neither is dealing with flagged content.

Optimizing Off Page SEO

Just as on-page SEO can be optimized, SEO of the off-page variety can be optimized. Doing so is only a matter of earning backlinks and leaving certain keywords off of the page when necessary.

Of course, the other elements of SEO shouldn’t be neglected, nor should a site’s performance. That said, feel free to contact SiteUptime at 1-866-744-6591. They keep clients one step ahead of some of the most frustrating technical difficulties.