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Anybody using the World Wide Web understands search results delivered by Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Search is present on almost every online platform from eCommerce sites to forums.

Websites, social media, and search engines rely on software to retrieve and deliver content. Information stored on a physical device (computer or server) connected to others in what’s called a network. Yet, in modern times… the cloud.

The recent iteration of delivered results is done through cloud based search.

What benefits does cloud search bring to the business? Read on to discover the efficient, cost-saving features.

Five Benefits of Cloud Based Search

The “cloud” is an old concept with a new name. At its core, information is present on “other people’s computers”. The difference with cloud computing is the collective speed and efficiency it offers while providing a platform for services.

A traditional setup of an enterprise search platform came with tedious requirements:

  • Configuring a host computer
  • Installing server and search software
  • Configuring apps and services

Cloud based search offers an alternative packed with the following benefits:

  • Reliability. The physical infrastructure has inherent fault and failure points. Failure due to the complexity of deployment and hardware & software components. Cloud search reworks the infrastructure to balance loads across the architecture. This creates on-demand power to distribute resources resulting in fewer hang-ups.
  • Security. The many points of hardware and software found in traditional server arrangements are at the will of the I.T. professionals. A failure to update and patch security flaws leaves the network at risk. Cloud based search services provide automatic and manual updates. The resulting benefit being less risk of intrusion, service-breaking bugs, and erroneous usage.
  • Legacy. Long-forgotten or dated, unused files find their way into “cold storage”. This is a part of the storage that’s vital to keep for privacy and business reasons yet is rarely accessed. Cloud search solutions offer searchable archive features to access these “cold files”. The result is efficient data retrieval when necessary.
  • Cost-Effective. Consider the hardware, OS, software, apps, and salary for the I.T. personnel (or team) to maintain internal search. Cloud search is a cost-effective alternative via a-la-carte options. Low hourly or data rates and a “resources when needed” option results in lower operational costs.
  • Flexibility. Hardware locks to a physical location. Locked hardware can cause problems with accessibility even when available through online hubs. Cloud search platforms decentralize the hub and allow rapid scaling. Scaling is achievable by paying for extra services and features. The result is a platform that adheres to the growing needs and desires of the business.

Cloud based search packs powerful features associated with cloud based services. The inexpensive options, flexibility, and effective use of resources make this service a great tool for business.

The benefits are clear:

  • Easier access to files
  • Increased security of data
  • Less hassle and issues

Both employees and consumers enjoy a cloud based search. This service is inexpensive and easy to install compared to traditional means. Perhaps 2017 will be the year it’s used in your business.