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Boost Rose Delivery Sales with a Clean Web Design

Website Tips and Tricks

Roses are one of the few products in the global marketplace that sell themselves.

In fact, the flower industry at large pulls in nearly $35 billion in annual revenue. Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, each generates roughly $2 billion in revenue.

Roses are a can’t-miss gift and are certain to please a significant other, friend, or family member.

Considering the ease in which roses fly off the shelf, why pay more for an expensive and cluttered website? Instead, place emphasis on a clean web design that directs viewers’ eyes to the beauty of the roses.

Why is a Clean Web Design so Important?

In order to launch a successful website, businesses must consider how people consume information.

Most often, people quickly scan through websites and mobile apps. If a consumer can’t find what they are looking for, they move on very quickly.

Consumers in the 21st-century demand simplicity.

Take the iPhone as the perfect example. The layout is simple and easy to navigate, allowing users to reach a destination in one or two taps.

An effective web design will achieve the same objectives. In addition, it will be stylish, easy to read, and efficiently organized.

Most importantly, it will place immediate emphasis on critical products and services offered. Designers should also ensure that the website is friendly to mobile devices.

All of these principles apply to selling roses. For instance, check out

Consumers are able to quickly identify where to purchase the roses and it only takes one click to get there.

In addition, users should be able to make a purchase from a mobile device. We all know how many times husbands and sons have forgotten to buy roses and need a quick fix!

What are some Strategies to Achieve a Clean Web Design?

Now that the case for simplicity has been made, it’s time to learn what design strategies should be implemented.

When it comes to a great web design, less is always more.

Some web designers even advocate for maximizing unused white space. The goal is to draw focus to the product or service being sold.

In the case of roses, envision a website split into two halves. One side has beautiful imagery of roses, while the other side is primarily unused white space.  In the center of the white section, it elegantly reads, “Click here to purchase a dozen roses for your loved one.”

Web designers must also make decisions on color and font. In this example, roses should provide all the color needed.

When it comes to font, it should be elegant, but at the same time very easy to read.

Lastly, website navigation must be taken into consideration. Navigation bars are typically located along the top or left side of a website.

Ease of navigation is critical and users should be able to reach a destination in one or two clicks.

Don’t Overthink It – Roses will Sell

The rules for a clean web design are very easy to remember.

Simplicity is key. Less is more.

Highlight the product and allow users to purchase it in a minimal number of clicks.

If there are additional questions on clean web designs, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.